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How To Get Mepron Covered By Insurance And Tips

28 May


How To Get Mepron Covered By Insurance & Tips


If you suffer from a nasty little parasite that is feeding off of your red blood cells called Babesia then you will most likely be prescribed Mepron. Mepron (Atovaquone) is a semi-thick bright yellow suspension (liquid) that is taken orally. The liquid resembles paint and us Lymies call it by a few nicknames such as “yellow paint”.

Mepron can temporally stain clothing, kitchen sinks, counter tops or just about anything it touches. Be sure to brush your teeth after sipping it down. The average dose myself and others I have spoken to take daily is 1 tsp twice per day. You should usally be taking Zithomax (Azithromycin) with Mepron. Mepron should always be taken with at least 20-30 grams of good fats.


Some good FATS you should eat before taking your Mepron:

  • 1 Egg = 5 grams
  • Cashew/Almond Butter – 1 tbs = 10 grams
  • Sesame Butter – 1 tbs = 8 grams
  • 1 Avocado = 30 grams (recommended – I make guacamole with fresh garlic and cilantro)
  • Coconut Oil – 1 tbs = 14 grams
  • Kefir – 1 cup = 8.75 grams
  • Almonds (raw) – 1/4 cup = 11.5 grams (recommended)
  • Cheese – 1 slice = 9 grams
  • 100g of cod liver oil – 99g of fat
  • 100g of cold smoked salmon – 8g of fat
  • 100g of hot smoked halibut – 5-17g of fat
  • 100g of butter – 70-82g of fat


*You can also eat chicken or sausage if you prefer but you will need to eat many pieces of chicken or many links of sausage. There are many other choices but these are some of the better ones.




How To Get Merpon Covered Or For Free


Step One:

I was denied insurance coverage of Mepron last year while trying to get my prescription filled. I was told the Mepron would cost me about $1,500 out-of-pocket if I needed to buy it. After shopping around many pharmacies I found the cheapest price was $975 which is still way too much for any Lymie.

Here is how I got 2 bottles of Mepron covered. My insurance company denied Mepron not only because of the cost but because there are alternatives such as Malarone. Malarone does not work as good as Mepron.

I called my insurance company and they told me they were willing to cover it only if they knew that is the only brand/med that will work for my illness. So they asked that my doctor (LLMD) call them and verbally tell them that only recommends Mepron and that it is the only medicine that will help me.

This took maybe two months of back and forth on the phone. My doctor would say he already called and my insurance would say they never received the call. So don’t give up. By the third try the insurance case worker and my doctor were on the same page and they agreed to cover only 2 months worth (2 bottles). I have since been denied any new prescriptions for Mepron.


Step Two:

*This step may only work if you have little to no health insurance. Most likely they will approve you if you have no insurance.

The makers of Mepron (GlaxoSmithKline) have a program to help patients get Mepron. You can find information about this program either from your LLMD, Online or call them on the phone. The program is called Bridges To Access.

I filled out an application and mailed it in. A really nice lady called me back weeks later and told me I was denied.The reason I was denied was because I have insurance. She told me if my insurance was a certain kind it may qualify me but I had the kind that was not qualified. They are really helpful and nice and willing to work with you so don’t be afraid to call them

Click this link HERE and find out if you qualify for the program. I hear those who do qualify get at least 2-3 bottles for free. Good luck.


Step Three:

Ask around to other Lymies. Many of us have a whole pharmacy at home and expiring meds. There are social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to ask around. Usually people are willing to send you the bottle for free and they may even pay for shipping if you are in debt. If you know where to look there are groups for med exchanges. Yahoo Lyme groups are also good to ask around on.

I hope these tips will help you get your Mepron. I had so much trouble getting mine covered and I know many of you do too. If you have any tips leave a comment and I will add them into this posting with your name. Thank you.


PLEASE READ –> check my comments below for generous people who are willing to ship you their Mepron.



I was able to get two more bottles for free in November, 2012 from a fellow Lymie via a group and I just paid shipping. Very nice person and helped save me $100’s-$1000’s!




Interesting Mepron Info

I found this link interesting. Look at some of the studies and side effects on this PDF file for Mepron: