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Amazon Helping With Lyme Disease 

15 Mar

Thank you Amazon. I’m a Prime Member and I love Amazon but this really did make me smile.


Lyme Disease Commercial (Awareness) 

22 Feb

Please Register & Share 

17 Nov


I would highly recommend registering and taking the two Lyme disease surveys so we can get the impact of Lyme disease out there. It took me maybe 10 minutes from bed on my tablet. 

Sign up here: https://www.mylymedata.org

Ashley Olsen Battling Late Stage Lyme Disease

8 May


Not feeling well so I don’t have energy for a post but wanted to share that now Ashley Olsen has come out about her battle with Lyme and how she “thought she was dying”. One Article actually wrote the truth that late stage Lyme is “incurable”. Usually they write that with 2 weeks of antibiotics you are “cured” of Lyme which is a false statement. Latest stage Lyme disease is horrible and hard to treat, the Lyme is resistant to all medication on most lymies (like myself) so we take maintenance doses of meds to keep Lyme at bay. Most lymies have early stage yet assume they have late stage and are not sure the differences. Early stage if caught early can be easier to treat since the Lyme may not be in cyst or biofilm form. I hope Ashley will fight along with us all and the truth keeps surfacing. I’m rambling because I don’t feel well after tinidazole  which is a cyst buster. Have a great week lymies. Maybe Ashley and I can be friends or date lol. Getting my IVIG Wednesday. 

May Is Lyme Awareness Month & Quick Update

2 May

Wear greenMay Is Lyme Awareness Month & Quick Update

A little late with my campaign picture above I made but today was wear lime for lyme. As you may or may not know (no pun intended) May is lyme disease awareness month and many other illnesses like gatroparesis and lupus (which I have). Make sure you spread awareness and show your support. A couple years ago I had a story on the front page of my local paper warning people about tick season. It takes a lot of energy or spoons to help spread awareness but I think if we keep at it lyme will be taken more serious.


So on Easter we had my sister, a friend and kids over. I rarely leave the house, go in public or am around people due to my immune. So a day after Easter I started to feel sicker. One of them gave me a bug. I have a sore throat, lost my voice, fluid in lungs, darker colored mucus. I have been taking claratin and doxycycline for now and I am feeling a little better bug wise. As far as lyme and my illnesses still lots of pain and haven’t been doing so well. I try to keep up when I can.


I hope all of my readers are finding relief and better days. Keep up the fight!










Debbie Gibson Is A Lymie

24 Apr







Debbie Gibson Is A Lymie


In case you haven’t already heard the news…. Debbie Gibson (singer) went public about her lyme disease. I don’t have the energy to talk about this tonight so please visit an official article HERE



Or copy and paste this link:








Lyme In Surfside Beach, South Carolina – Holly’s Story

16 Jul


Lyme In South Carolina – Holly’s Story

A Lyme friend recently wrote to me and asked if I could post this video and her story on my blog. So here it is. Her name is Holly Roesing and she is from SurfSide Beach, South Carolina. She has been suffering from Lyme disease for 7 years and her story below and in the video above may sound very familiar to you.You can find Holly on Facebook if you would like to message her.

Thank you for sharing Holly the more we get in the media the better. Hope you find some relief soon Holly and all my best to you and your family. Stay strong and keep fighting. – Bryan (Lyme Inside)

You can read Holly’s story featured on the news HERE

or by this link – http://www.carolinalive.com/news/story.aspx?id=765819#.UAKFtvVdDyL

and I have also copy and pasted the news story below.


Holly’s story from WPDE News Channel 15 Web Site:

Holly Roesing knows the long-lasting effect a tick bite can have. She has Lyme disease, after she was bitten in 2005 by a tick that tested positive for the disease in South Carolina.

Her doctor put her on antibiotics for three weeks, and at first she was fine. But over the next few years, Holly suffered through a series of debilitating problems, including chest pain, extreme joint pain, and non-stop headaches.

A year and half ago, she suffered a mini stroke.

Holly wants more awareness for her disease. Most ticks in our area carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but as Holly can attest, they can carry Lyme Disease too. She wants the state to promote May as Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

This year, we’re expected to have more ticks than normal because of the weather. While staying on trails and wearing light-colored clothing are important, you also need to do a body check when you come in from the woods or anywhere you may have come in contact with a tick.