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Pictures Of Spirochetes In My Blood Culture

19 Jun

spiro in bryan blood 1spiro in bryan blood 2


Homeopathic Borrelia Treatment Vial 4

9 Mar



Homeopathic Borrelia Treatment Vial #4


Last night after writing this post I got worse. I couldn’t walk (happens from time to time) and my arthritis was really bad. I was puking, seeing stars, and having air hunger on top of the stuff below. I am tolerant to pain mostly after having it my whole life but the pain scale was 11-12 (severe) so I took a  Dilaudid and norco combo (pain killers). I cried for nearly two hours in bed and my bed felt like laying on a concrete floor. I can’t say this was a herx but maybe a flare on top of the herx I was already having.Today I am still very bad and I hope I am making sense.

I had a rash break out on my skin (see the picture below). I also had blood pooling (red rash) from my hyper POTS on my feet and ankles. My whole foot gets bright red or both feet. Last night it was only my right foot. The rashes are hard to tell the difference. I have a Lupus rash on my stomach, back, face, chest… then Raynaud’s disease type purple rash when my legs fall asleep on my feet and hands.. and then the blood pooling rash… Bartonella rash… then finally the lyme rashes always vary in color size and shape.



I wanted to update those of you who are interested in this homeopathic treatment. I started this treatment about 11 or more days ago and he way it works is you drink one vial of liquid every 3 days. I can honestly say by vial 3 and 4 I have been herxing daily now. It is not tat full on “oh no I think I am dying” herx like with antibiotics but it is pretty strong.

I am having very hot skin (hotter than usual) burning in my face and head, my head feels like it wants to explode, buzzing in ears, arthritis is worse, feel like I am running a 103 fever, can barely walk and more. So I want to say FOR ME it is working. We are all different, have different diseases and the length of our diseases so I say use at your own risk but this is a cheap alternative to antibiotic.

Look at the picture above and what is the “active ingredient”? That’s right Borrelia. The theory I am told (since I do not see a homeopath doctor) is that our body has allowed the live spirochete (Borrelia) to have access and live in our body and is fooled into thinking they are not harmful. So the Borrelia I am drinking is dead (inactive) and you hold it under the tongue and drink it down. Once in the body your immune, body sets off the alarm and starts to attack the foreign invader and as those are being attacked the live spirochetes already living in your body get attacked in the confusion.

(Note) I am told the borrelia are not present and here is what a twitter friend says about the treatment: “There is no Borellia left, just the energy signature from being potentized“.

If you know a better story of the theory please share as I am herxing and not in the best writing mood. lol …More updates soon.



– As always I wish you all a safe and healing Lyme journey and I hope some of you are progressing. Stay positive and keep up the fight. We will all beat this and get the word out there.



If you would like to know more about the treatment and cost….etc…. I have a link and a blog post about it HERE




lyme rash herx

I get this rash often sometimes on my face or on my body.


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