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Morphine, Opiates, Pain Killers And Constipation

20 Mar



Morphine, Opiates, Pain Killers And Constipation

Most of the meds (opiates, pain meds, other meds) we take with a chronic illness can cause really bad constipation. With my Norco I was constipated the first week on it but my body adjusted to it and I was regular. By the way Norco was my IBS savior, after having IBS for 10 years the Norco made me regular again. I am now using 90 mg of Morphine ER or MS Contin per day and I hear your body can never really adjust to the constipation with Morphine. I have possible Gastroparesis, slow digestion chronic dehydration and all my other meds that can help with the constipation also.

I had a really bad experience with the constipation from the morphine for the first 2 weeks. I was constipated or backed-up for 9 days! It wasn’t fun and wasn’t cool. I won’t go into details of how it all ended, way too much TMI, pain and passing out! But I will share how I have got the problem under control so far since then.

I am taking 1 cap full of Miralax or Polyethylene Glycol 3350, 1-2 stool softeners and 2 triple magnesium complex (I get them from swansons) and plenty of hydration with water each day. So far I seem to be having success one time per day or once every two days. I know it’s not good to take the stool softeners long term so I hope my body will start to adjust to the meds. I hope this info may help someone else going trough the same thing I did with the morphine. Best of luck to you and sorry readers for the TMI but I have to be honest and real.

Have a great flare-free day spoonie fam. Smile 🙂








Sore Throat, Arthritis And CFS

30 Aug


Sore Throat, Arthritis And CFS

I woke up one day last week with my usual sore throat. This isn’t the chronic strep throat I get but more like a regular sore throat. This time the pain is only on the left side of my throat and down deep to about where my throat meets my collar bone. I can feel the pain also going into my left ear. Many years ago when I was healthy I would probably have seen a doctor about this or worried but this happens so frequently and it goes away on its own. I believe it is just a common Lyme symptom.

We had two days of cooler weather this week. The weather has been averaging in the 100’s range and each week it can be anywhere from the mid 90’s up to 108 degrees. For two days the weather was cloudy with some sprinkles and in the 70’s. Just this small weather change and I could feel it coming.

My arthritis was acting up so I knew the cold was coming. One night it was pretty cool around 40-50 degrees and a cold wind blowing in my window. I could barely walk my knees were so stiff. When the cold hits me my body gets stiff as a board and my joints refuse to bend. The snow is beautiful and I always wanted to live in a city that gets light snow but that kind of cold makes my arthritis hurt worse. It is a constant, nagging and severe pain.

I remember growing up and thinking that all kids, teens and young adults felt the same pains I did. I had no idea I was so sick since doctors said I was healthy. I would wake up in my early 20’s and feel as if I had been hit by a car and thought maybe I worked too hard at my job. I thought to myself “man if I am in this much pain now just think how I will feel in my 90’s”. Well now I know I have the body of a 90 year old even though I’m only 37 (I think).

I always thought my pains were common and that maybe my body was slower to heal from a hard days work or partying. I never really took time to think that I never had a day without pain even when I spend a lazy day doing nothing. It took until I was about 30 years old before one doctor (who was just filling in for my regular doctor) said “hey you have arthritis, why does a person your age have arthritis”. My regular doctor came back and said “I don’t think you have arthritis”.

The five years later that same doctor who had diagnosed me with arthritis was now my regular doctor. He then diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia and then spinal stenosis. Once again he said to me “why does a person so young have spinal stenosis which is usually found in my patients 60 and older”. I remember hearing this same thing in 1999 when I had elderly pneumonia when a doctor said “why does a 21 year old have elderly pneumonia, this is the pneumonia that usually takes the life of the elderly…very odd”.

It amazes me that not one doctor ever thought to look into the pattern of me having so many rare and elderly type medical issues for nearly all my life. It was always “you just have IBS you will be fine” or “you just have carpal tunnel that is nothing big” but why did nobody say “why do you have a new symptom or medical issues every other month”. I cannot even name the rare medical issues I had as a kid but that had long names and I haven’t heard of them since.

This month has been not so good as usual. My chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has just taken away what little energy I have and when I sleep now I feel I can sleep and never wake up. I don’t know if I like my insomnia better or the CFS. Getting 30 minutes of sleep per day is really a nightmare but then so is wanting to sleep all the time and having no energy at all. I would love to have something in between them both where I sleep like a normal person and have energy.

My cognitive issues are getting worse. My dyslexia is more jumbled words than usual. My short and long-term memory is worse. A loss for words happens more often. I cannot remember names of actors and so on. I kind of feel like and elderly person or like I have beginning Alzheimers disease.

*This is a note to myself so I will remember but I had a day this week where I was going to the bathroom standing up (pee) and my body started stinging with pins and needles and I was blacking out. Luckily I was done and ran to my room and passed out on my bed for a few minutes. I had this happened a few months ago where every time I stood up I would black out but it hasn’t happened in a while.


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12 Apr

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