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Update & Tips Over The Years 

18 Mar

Cardiologist Update 

The heart doctor said that my two week monitor didn’t catch the passing out episodes of any arrhythmia. The issues happened before and after the monitor was on. So she suggests I get a heart monitor implant that goes under the chest skin for 3 years. She said my heart was very slow at night sleeping and very high during he say when awake. She said my heart skips beats but that is “normal”. The 50mg of Losartan is keeping my tachycardia down to the 130-140/100-90 range so my BP is much better than it has been since I was 13 years old. I was worried that long with tachycardia my heart would be a mess but so far it’s not as bad as assumed. Cardio said I have some “mild leaky valves”. 

Next up is a nuclear stress test. Then a sonogram of the carotid arteries in my neck. And then I choose if I want the heart monitor “surgery” which looks very simple. I think I will do it since my episodes come and go. The episodes I’m talking about are the ones that are not POTS but the longer fainting episodes. With POTS I stand up and pass out, wake up on the floor and go sit back down. With the other episodes I start seeing tunnel vision, hear words backwards, can’t understand anyone, can’t move, I HAVE to lay down even if it’s a dirty bathroom floor and I eventually pass out for a while. The episodes last about 45 minutes. My skin turns paler white to gray, I’ve been told I look “dead” and one lady thought I had passed away calling 911. It’s happened about 5-6 times since last year. Cardio thinks it’s brain or heart related. 

It’s good to keep testing and rule things out. The more I test the more illnesses I’m diagnosed with. Don’t let anyone tell you nothing is wrong if you know your body and know you are suffering. 

 Some Tips I’ve noticed over the years:

  • IV Rocefin (ceftraxione) can cause your gallbladder issues and to have to be removed. Ask your doctor before you use it. 
  • Doxycycline and the sun don’t mix, I still have a scar on my forehead from being in the sun for a few minutes while on Doxy. 
  • Being too aggressive on antibiotics, using too many at once and high doses caused thrush, severe candida and c-diff. It took about 8 months to heal from all and I had to stop all antibiotics. I was on a ton of probiotics and took all precautions before started the aggressive treatment but it didn’t help. I had a flesh eating type of thing that was not only scary but very painful. 

Get Well Soon Jewels

16 Jun

Love You Jewels

I just wanted to take time to make a post for my best friend and Lyme sis Juliana. Once again life is kicking her over and over while she is down. She has chronic Lyme, coinfections and a lot of other major medical issues. She has a genetic immune disorder and her immune is even worse then us Lymies immune systems are.

Jewels  has had a temperature of 105.4 for nearly a week and is not getting any better. She has developed red welts all over her body from hand, foot and mouth disease she contracted from her son this past week. She is also herxing from the die off of her Lyme. She has a permanent chest port that gave her a collapsed lung and a clot near her heart weeks ago. Just too much.

Today she was having heart issues and she is very scared according to her husband. I am worried about her. We talk to one another every day and try to make each other laugh in these tough times. I feel so helpless and scared for her and it breaks my heart to see her like this.

Jewels is married to a wonderful guy and she has a son who is her pride and joy. Her husband is scared and her son is worried about his mommy. So please life or whoever can hear me, let Jewels get through this and give her a break. She just keeps getting one thing after another.

She can use hope, prayers, love, caring thoughts or whatever you can send her way tonight. I love you Jewels and I hope to hear from you real soon. I hope you slept well tonight and the bugs have left. I am always thinking about you and sending all of my best.