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Quick Update & Tips On Keeping Your Mind Busy While Being Disabled

14 May

Quick Update

Sorry I haven’t been around much or posting new treatments or tips. I haven’t really been on any new Lyme disease treatments since my doctor said my case was too late stage and went untreated too long so there wasn’t much left to try expect stem cell which I cannot afford. I still just take low 100mg maintenance doses of minocycline, doxy and tinindazole as needed.

I still can’t get IVIG covered again although I’m still in a study program so I’ve been weaker. My heart has been the focus and seizures or neurological issues. So I’m using 1000mg of Keppra. I noticed when I ran out and only took half a dose I had worse tremors, involuntary movements, throwing things on accident and my hand coordination was off so I accidentally hit my hands on things pretty hard bruising them or breaking veins. Other than that just been sitting at home and still fighting.

Tips For Those New To Disability, Homebound or Bedridden

If you are learning to deal with being disabled, homebound, bedridden or new to illness and not sure how to take your mind off the bad things here are some tips that have helped me over the years. In 2009 a was forced to medical retire & became bedridden & disabled. My whole life changed & I literally lost everything. What kept my mind off things was finding a hobby I could do even though I could barely see or type.

Many years ago I started this blog to share my illness journey with others & give tips. When I could no longer keep up with my blog I dedicated all my time to art and my sports account. Art is a good therapy when you just want to be alone or zone out for a while & take your mind off things. I also started adding many different music libraries on my iPad & listen to a ton of music. I have some to relax me for anxiety & music for every mood. I used to work so much I rarely had time for tv so now I use my time binge watching series & shows can really take you away.

There are some really good ones that will keep you busy for months. I used to sell my art at a gallery for a football player. I bought a bunch of books but couldn’t read them as my memory got worse but if you can still read there are many good book series to keep you busy. Some of the new video games are almost like movies with actors playing parts in them & have a great story line to follow so they can keep you busy for months. Phone/tablet apps are getting better and many can keep you busy every single day where you come back to play, win, do art, chat & fun. Being disabled is depressing but you have to adapt to your new life & find something to pass the time so you don’t focus on all the sad/bad things you are going through. You can try photography, scrap booking, Pinterest hobbies, cooking…. so many options. Hope these tips help. Hang in there everyone we can do this.

Don’t Give Up!

2 Oct

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Don’t Give Up

I wanted to take time to post a positive message to all my followers. I know many of you are suffering and having a hard time dealing with your Lyme or disability right now. Maybe this post will help someone. It’s a virtual hug.

I know your life is not what you expected and your quality of life is bad but you are alive. I have watched some friends on Instagram with stage 3-4 cancer fight for their lives everyday and they still posted inspiring pictures and messages of hope and smiled. Find those tiny moments in each day that bring you a happy memory, a smile, a laugh…etc. Don’t let life pass you by being angry at your illness.

You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to me telling me they attempted or were going to attempt suicide. It’s heartbreaking that some of us Lymies have nobody in our corner, not even a doctor. Lyme is very lonely and painful (I can go on) but you only get one life so live it and make the best with what you have.  Never ever give up and always smile at least once a day. Remain hopeful and try to stay positive things will get better. I’m thinking of all you Lyme warriors out there, stay strong!

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Disabled Contestant Inspires On TV’s MasterChef

27 Jun


MasterChef’ – Christine Ha

This is not Lyme disease related but it is auto-immune related and truly inspirational for us disabled folks. I watch a TV show called MasterChef which airs Mondays and Tuesdays this summer on Fox at 9pm Pacific. This year there is a contestant competing who happens to be blind. I won’t go into the details of the show since I am pretty ill right now but basically it’s a cooking show to for amateurs to compete to win a great prize. The show is hosted by Gordon Ramsay and 2 other judges.

When I saw Christine Ha trying to win a spot on the show this year I thought there was no way a blind girl could compete in a cooking competition with all those sharp knives. Boy was I wrong, this girl can cook and she is one of the stronger contestants on the show. It is truly inspiring to see her do so well and impress the judges cooking some savory dishes. She does not let her disability slow her down. Christine is visually impaired due to an autoimmune disorder called nueromyelitis optica (NMO).

If you get a chance to watch the show check her out. She is determined, focused, funny and she is a very sweet girl. She even has a blog and a twitter account if you want to chat with her. It is just so amazing to see someone who does not let their disability get in the way of their dreams. Hats off to her and I hope to see her in the finals soon.