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Visit To New LLMD – New Plan

1 Mar

new meds gordon visit 1IV at santa rosa

Visit To New LLMD – New Plan

Yesterday my mom and I I took the long car ride to see my new LLNP/LLMD in Santa Rosa. I was familiar with my new doc from talking with her daughters about InnaHouse and Lyme and I also follow my doc on Twitter. She is the author of “Nature’s Dirty Needle“. I think I spoke about her in a previous post so on to the visit….(FYI this medical group does not take insurance like Hynote did so the visit/meds/IV were $900)

The first visit was a couple of hours long. She told me I was complicated and my body was a mess so she wished she had more time with me, she was just getting started figuring some things out. She told me that my Lyme has been in my body so long that using any more antibiotics would be criminal since they won’t help my case. She just wants to focus on getting my immune, inflammation, protomyzoa coinfection, adrenals and pain under control.

She looked at a rash on my body and after talking about some things she thinks I have mast cell problems so I will be taking Ketotifen for that instead of the Benadryl I currently take. She was able to obtain most of my test results from Dr. Hynote’s last Lab Corp blood work. I had some not so good results on many of the tests which I will post below.

I will be going back on the gluten-free diet. I already cut out sugar, caffeine, dairy, soy a few years ago but now she wants non-GMO, all organic added. She stressed that I was too inflamed from lupus and other issues so although I do not have celiac I need to cut the gluten out. I will also be adding a T3 med to my levoxyl daily for my hypothyroid. I will be getting an oxygen tank finally to use as needed. I may need beta blockers soon for my heart, I am tachy again but I am either tachy or brady off and on.

She spoke about my Advanced-Lab Lyme Culture and said my “10 day positive result” was not very common and she only has 1-2 other patients who had the quick response of growing spiros i nthat short of time with this test. So again after 3 years of aggressive antibiotic treatment (IV, injection, oral), herbal protocols…etc my lyme culture was positive in only 10 days and showing lyme is still highly active I believe. I highly recommend the advanced-lab test even for the $700 you will know for sure if you have lyme disease. It’s very accurate and no false positives and that CDC contamination story was false.

I had a Myers’ Cocktail IV infusion right after the visit and it just made me sleepy. No energy today either but nothing ever gives me energy with CFS.

Here are my instructions:

  • Medi-Clay FX & Charcoal – for detox
  • Lipotropic – for liver support
  • Hepat, itires, Renelex – for lymph drain, kidney support
  • A-Fung (Byron White) – for mold
  • A-P (Byron White)  – for parasites
  • Curamax – for inflammation
  • IVIG – IV infsuion for my immune IgA
  • Norco 10/325 (4 per day) – for breakthrough pain
  • Morphine Sul ER 30mg (3 per day) – for long acting opiate pain reliever
  • Butran Patch 20-30mcg – long acting pain reliever *when not on Morphine ER
  • Katamine IV – high dose with other meds (completely knocked out) for pain & more
  • Cytomel 5mcg (1-2 twice daily) – for thyroid T3 support I believe
  • Ketotifen – for mast cell issues, anti-histamine
  • Cortef 5mg (Hydrocortizone) 1-2 twice daily – steroid (I know) for inflam/adrenal
  • Flexeril – for my spinal stenosis and muscle relaxer for sleep
  • Phosphatidyl Serrine 1-2 caps at night – for high cortisol at night (adrenal)
  • Oxygen Tank (O2) – as needed for low o2
  • Ozone IV – as needed
  • Vitamin D3 (Micellized) – I can only take up to 4,000 IU per day now Vit D issues
  • Mangosteen – for brain
  • Possible Heart Meds – I’m tachy (high heart rate) so I need to slow my heart again

Blood Tests Ordered:

  • Fibrinogen – she thinks this is why I clot with IV’s
  • TBIC, Iron, Ferritan, Testosterone, Folate, B12

Blood Test Results (From Hynote visit in December)

  • IgG Subclass 1 – 417 Low (range 422 – 1,292)
  • IgG Subclass 3 – 23 Low (range 41 – 129)
  • Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 49 Low (range 91-414)
  • Calcitriol (1,25 di-OH, Vit D) 90 High (range 10 -75)
  • Human Trans Growth Factor (TGF-bl) 5,560 High (range 344-2382)
  • Cortisol 22.7 High (range 2.3 – 11.9 or 6.2 – 19.4)  at time to sleep

Pictures from the car ride (although the car rides make me sicker and in more pain I find the beauty in the little things) almost all of these are from a moving car so it was hard to focus on the things I wanted to:

Santa Rosa 3Santa Rosa 4Santa Rosa 5Santa Rosa 2Santa Rosa 1

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