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Drive Across The U.S. – Moved 

24 Jan

I just drove for the first time in 6 years and drove 3200+ miles to my new home on the East Coast. I am from Northern California & The Bay Area so it’s a huge change. I did live in Oregon for a year so I am used to light snow and negative 10 degrees. There was a huge storm just south of me on my journey but I have to tip my hat to the road crews for keeping the interstate clear of snow. 

I traveled through the following states and will give me pros and cons. There was snow from Utah to my new state near NY. I took I-70 to I-80. From Eastern Colorado to border of Pennsylvania there isn’t much to see but flat land and wildfowl. It took 5 days on this trip and I drive an average of 10-11 hours per day. I left at 11am each day and missed all the traffic in cities. It’s good to take a trip and refresh your mind. 

California – my home state 

Nevada – drove through at night not much to see 

Arizona – couldn’t find one hotel to stop at, very sparse on 70 

Utah – beautiful rocks. Stayed at new La Quinta in Saint George it was the best hotel 

Colorado – hotel was stinky & small, Rockies were nice but not Denver, liked Vail 

Nebraska – not much to see, cheap gas 

Iowa – flat and not much to see 

Illinois – flat not much to see. Gas $1.69 

Indiana – interstate toll was $8.00 from one end to other end of state 

Ohio – interstate till was $18.50 from one end of state to other. Cheapest gas $1.43  

Pennsylvania – mountains, starts to get beautiful, stayed in nice hotel in Debois 

New York – $1.50 bridge toll, beatiful scenery 

Connecticut – beautiful state, snow, trees…. 
Now I’m here with my girlfriend and hoping this works out. I want to start a family with her and marry her but we will see how this goes.