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Babesia And Night Sweats

15 May

Water Bed

I don’t own a water bed but most of the time it feels like I do. I have been battling severe night sweats for about 23 years now. I was always an excessive sweater even on a cool day. My doctors told me my body just “cools down by sweating” even though I would sweat in the rain or snow. I now know a little annoying parasite called Babesia is the reason behind all of the sweating and air hunger.

I remember as a teenager thinking “how will I ever get a girlfriend or get married if I soak the bed with sweat every night”. Later in life this did turn out to be somewhat of an issue with my girlfriend. No cuddling at night for me. I’m single now so it is no longer an issue I guess.

I cannot count how many times I have woke up after 1 hour of sleep or 6 hours at the most to find myself in a puddle of sweat. My sheets and mattress are soaked to the core. I have even sweated through the sheets on a night that was 30-50 degrees in my old crappy house.

I can feel constant beads of sweat on my forehead and dripping down my body. If I take the sheets off and lay under the ceiling fan I get the chills. So I can never win. I get the chills often but sweats the most. I dread summer and I stay out of the sun and hot places.

When I used to work as a manager I had to wear button up shirts with a tie. I would always have sweat marks all over my shirts no matter what time of the year it was and even when I wasn’t doing anything physical. It was embarrassing and looked unprofessional.

I will say that my sweat has no odor to it and it is almost like plain old water. I have been on Babesia meds for a year and a half. This stupid parasite just wont die. One day I hope to wake up like a normal person in my nice dry cozy bed. Let’s hope this happens soon.