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Second 10 Day Course Of Ivermectin – Update

25 May


Quick Update On Ivermectin


Still not feeling well so I cannot keep up with the blog lately.I just wanted to add that I have started in on my second 10 day course of Ivermectin and so far I am not seeing any worms, flukes…etc.Let’s hope that all of those critters have died and their are no eggs or new hatches hanging around. If you think this is gross or TMI, I can almost guarantee that you have them too.

I am taking 4 pills of 3mg each or 12mg once a day  on an empty stomach with water. Only on day one of the first 10 day course did I have stomach cramps and diarrhea. I double up on VSL#3 and since day one I have been having no cramps or any issues. I have no side effects (or if I do I do not notice since I already have so many symptoms).

I would highly recommend at least 2-3 months of Alinia and the Ivermectin for those who want to get rid of intestinal parasites. Both have been good to me and I have seen results. There are natural alternatives such as raw pumpkin seeds and many herbals that may do the same trick if you cannot handle meds well.






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