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Another Idiot Taking A Shot At The Chronic Lyme Community

9 May


“Doctor” To The Lyme Community Via IMDb – Under Our Skin

Today I read an email asking for help. It was from a fellow Lymie who pointed out that there is another doctor taking shots at us in the Lyme community. This doctor claims “chronic lyme is made up and a scam” and “you’ll find that your so-claimed illness doesn’t exist”. This so-called doctor is making his comments public on the IMDb web site for the Under Our Skin movie.You can read his rude comments below.

I say we educate this “doctor” (dr_faristuta) and shut him up. I really cannot stand people like this and I want to expose them. They hide behind a computer making claims and making fun of the sick and disabled. What kind of doctor’s are these people? Not one i would ever make an appointment with! Please comments on the IMDb message board and let’s stick together and help back Staephanie.

You can see all of this “doctor’s” comments and his conversation HERE or click the link below.


(look for dr_faristuta posts)


(scroll to bottom where it says message board)


Here is what Dr. Faristuta Wrote on the IMDb Under Our Skin Message Board:

by dr_faristuta (Mon Sep 12 2011 00:00:39)

The movie unfortunately is one-sided and ignores many facts. Some of these facts is that patients have died because they were placed on long-term antibiotics. Some doctors in fact went to jail for injecting patients with chemicals that have been banned from the US for longer than 50 years because of their toxicity.

The film doesn’t disclose a clear fact that all these patients with post-Lyme disease have no evidence at all of the bacteria. The very few labs that test for the bacteria use methods that are accustomed to be positive in 90% of cases. Owners of these labs are health-care workers involved in treating the patients who think have Lyme disease.

A large group of these patients (120 of them) with this syndrome who wanted to be treated for Lyme disease had their sputum, urine, blood and cerebrospinal fluid examined for the Lyme disease bacteria and it didn’t show in ANY of them.

I don’t think these patients are faking their symptoms, but it’s not caused by Lyme disease. Look somewhere else.

by dr_faristuta (Sat Jan 7 2012 06:07:42)

You’re not a victim of Lyme disease, you’re a victim of pharmaceutical compmanies and doctors who earn a HUGE living from preying on victims like you. Lyme disease is real but the “chronic Lyme disease” is a scam, only a way to help doctors to get money from you

by dr_faristuta (Sat Jan 7 2012 06:10:50)

My opinion is based on SCIENCE. AIDs gets treated and there’s proof because science proves it. The T-cell count improves and patients with HIV live much longer and don’t die from infections like they used to be.

However patients with “Chronic Lyme” whatever that invented disease is DO NOT GET BETTER. They keep visiting doctors, throw their money around, try one medication after another, do a gazillion tests that are sent to suspicious labs that tend to report all tests as positive tests, and they still don’t get better. That’s something the movie doesn’t address: SCIENCE

by dr_faristuta (Sat Feb 11 2012 14:17:17)

I studied infectious diseases for nine years, and I studied exactly what these doctors do. They convince a depressed patient that they have Lyme disease, and they send their blood tests to labs that run very old tests for Lyme that have an 85% false positive rate on blood cultures, thus many patients are labelled mistakenly as having Lyme disease.

Yes antibiotics are essential for people with Lyme disease, the problem is that most people who you think have Lyme disease do not actually have it. Nothing in their labs obtained from theri blood, urine, CSF, salvia…etc shows any evidence of Lyme disease.

These doctors that “are risking their licence” have made millions of dollars mis-diagnosing patients intentionally to make a buck out of them. I don’t understand how were they allowed to practise medicine for that long without any evidence to anything they were doing.

That “seeing it with your eyes” is not a scientific evidence to anything. I’ve seen many people die from resistant bacteria “superbugs” that evolve as a result of use of ceftriaxone and other antibiotics in treating patients who are presumed to have Lyme disease. I’ve seen one patient who had her colon removed a s aside effect from antibiotics given for “Lyme disease”.

I am open to any scientific data that can prove me wrong, everything logical and scientific is on my side but I am open to any study that shows that I am wrong and I am willing to reverse my position immediately. But there is NOTHING that supports your claims or anyt of the BS mentioned in the movie. It just plays on the emotions of people suffering from chronic illnesses that are not Lyme disease

by dr_faristuta 1 day ago (Mon May 7 2012 21:37:37)

You refer me to studies done by your “Lyme community” , where blood tests are sent to doctors who own those labs.

If you look at independent studies, done by professors at universities and academic centers, by those who have no conflict of interest, you’ll find that your so-claimed illness doesn’t exist.

I’ll leave the Lyme community alone when the Lyme community leave those with depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD alone instead of telling them they have Lyme

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