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Loop Recorder Caught an “Event” 

10 Jul

On the 4th of July I was having the usual stabbing chest pains and my heart was pounding hard. I pressed the button on my loop recorder to send the event to my doctor. I went to my appointment the next day and the doctor said it looked as though I had got up and ran a marathon. The problem was I was laying in my chair Under my blanket that night. No fireworks were going off outside so I wasn’t startled. I was very clam, watching tv. The rep from the loop recorder company said that event didn’t look good and my cardiologist said if we catch one again I need to go back on heart medication with my blood pressure medication. She doesn’t like that my heart randomly acts up and goes high when I already have hypertension (since I was 13 years old). The losartan is keeping my BP near but above “normal” usually 140/91 area. Still checking for arythmia. For those new to my blog I nearly had a stroke and heart attack last summer and was asked to move back with my parents. My aunt recently passed away so it’s been tough. 
Hang in there everyone, things will get better.