Bronchitis (Pneumonia?) Infection 

19 May

I’ve had a common cold for the last 4-5 days. Last night I fell asleep around 3-4am and woke up at 6am with very bad chills. I couldn’t open my eyes and my pain was severe in every organ, bone, muscle worse than the daily usual. I started hallucinating and I thought I was in the hospital so I recall answering “nurses” and “doctors” questions. I was talking for a few hours here and there telling what hurt and where. I later open my eyes and thought I saw a nurse. I was still talking. I had a fever of 104 (not my highest) but still enough to make me feel more horrible than my usual nightly fever and chills. 

I text my mom to come check on me and she woke me up when I finally able to fall asleep and scared me. But I noticed I was at home and wondered who I was talking to all morning? I could barely even move my leg in my bed that’s how bad the pain was. So my mom took me to the ER and the doctor said “sounds like an infection, bronchitis but we will check back if the antibiotics don’t work to see if it’s pneumonia”. Having PrimaryImmunodeficiency (PIDD) a common cold can turn into a death trap. So I’m hoping this doesn’t get worse. At age 19 I nearly died from elderly pneumonia having only 10% of my left lung working. That was a rough 2 months of recovery. 

It’s hard to think my brain is hurting worse than usual so I will end it here. I hope all of you are finding better days or a reason to smile. Hang in there everyone. 


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