How Technology Has Helped My Memory Loss 

4 May

I feel like everything now runs like a clock, I take my meds when my phone reminds me, I watch my tv shows when my DVR records them and reminds me they were on, I go to my doctors when my mom or phone reminds me that it’s a new month, new day and time for an appoiment. I was a hard-working General Manager and my job was to balance budgets, be wise, efficient, on time and multi-task. 8-9 years ago I first started having the migraines at work which sent me home on one occasion. I then kept having “the flu” everyday at work with bad sciatic pain and hip pain. I knew my Lyme was no longer in remission and my other illnesses were breaking out. 

I was diagnosed with short term and long term memory loss. I could no longer remember anyone’s name, my friends or memories growing up and I couldn’t tell you what I did 5 minutes ago. It is scary losing memory at such a young age. I have no idea if this will lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s in the future or will I ever get my memory back. So far it’s been nearly 10 years and nothing has improved. I feel like I’m 90 years old and at the end of my life cycle. 

I used to wait for a certain day to watch my favorite tv show, like “hey dad it’s nearly Tuesday NCIS is on, wonder who the killer will be tonight”. Now it’s like “hey the DVR shows NCIS recorded a couple nights ago we missed it”. Then when I watch it I’m constantly saying “wait who is Agent so and so, who is that lady, I’m lost”. So tv shows are very hard to follow but thankfully DVRs remember the dates and times for me. As I’m writing this and without looking at my phone calendar I couldn’t tell you the month, day or time it is right now. Sometimes I don’t even remember the year. I think ne time I asked my mom if it was 2015. It’s scary. 

Without technology I would be so lost in this world. Without my parents I don’t think I would be able to take care of myself anymore. I made this blog to remember things I don’t remember writing or saying and to keep my life on technology. 


2 Responses to “How Technology Has Helped My Memory Loss ”

  1. Marey Coates May 6, 2017 at 10:02 am #

    Thanks for your posting!!! This is the first time I’ve seen this site!!! I had a tick embedded in my head a few yrs ago and folks down here (I was visiting NC at the time) told me that there was NO Lyme Disease in the state. When I was back up in Mass, I became very sick and was put on antibiotics and, as far as I knew, was OK once again. I have noticed (a few yrs later), that my memory is not as sharp as it used to be (I was ‘noted’ for my memory!) I just assumed it was “early aging” … but now, after reading your posting, I am wondering??? I did NOT realize that Lyme could “come back!” I would love to find out more about how Lyme can re-emerge and how our memories can be compromised. Any info would be much appreciated!!!

    • 49er Bryan June 7, 2017 at 1:31 am #

      Sorry I’m too ill to really go into detail but wish I could help. Check out for more info for now.

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