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Modern Family Cast Does The Lyme Disease Challenge 

13 Apr


New Diagnoses, Anti-Seizure Meds & New Neurologist 

9 Apr

Myoclonic Seizures 

I finally saw a new neurologist in my new city. He said I had very “brisk” hyper reflexivity. He thinks I have a few different issues including a issue that causes my muscles to get weaker as I use them (the name slips me). He said I may be having seizures causing the long, weird fainting episodes (not the same as the Pots passing out). My cardiologist thinks it could be arrhythmia amd Neuro thinks it could be seizures. He did some testing and has diagnose me for now with myoclonic seizures or muscle jerking and involuntary movements. He has put me on Zeppra (Levetiracetam) which is an anti-consultant or anti-seizure Med. He seems very thorough and we will be doing a ton of testing for brain wave, sleep study, nerve testing….. Along with my heart testing over the months.