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Happy Holidays 

20 Dec

Happy Holidays to you all! 
I just wanted to take time to say thank you all for reading and commenting over the years. I wish I had more to share and things to be helpful but since I started this blog my brain has gotten worse and more pressure so I can’t write like I used to. I started this blog to share my story and to help others who are going through the same or may think they have Lyme, lupus, immunodeficiency, chronic illnesses…etc. I’ve seen a ton of doctors since starting this blog and I counted around 30+ doctors I have seen. 90% of them were not helpful or made my mom cry, were mean, kicked me out of their office….and all because they didn’t want to help me. I never provoked them or was mean to them, I only asked for help and was treated like a piece if trash. It’s a shame because I used to respect doctors. I currently found a doctor who truly cares about people. 

During the holidays is always a sad time for me because we no longer have family gatherings anymore in a long time. Even if we did I’m too ill to leave the house to visit them. I’m not the same person I used to be. I don’t remember what feeling “Normal” is like or having energy, feeling excited, or having all those feeling like a healthy me once had. Lyme, Lupus, PI, CFS, heart issues, brain issues have ruined my life. I sit here every night trying my best night to cry in front of my niece or let her see how sick I really am. I don’t remember a day in 8 years without a fever, burning face, headache, head pressure, pain from head to toe and being so exhausted I can’t move. 

I’m not looking forward to another tilt table test and puking and being dizzier than usual for days due to the test. I’m seeing my new cardiologist in a couple days. Might be DOIMG the stress test, heart monitor and more before Christmas. But I’m getting worse and nothing is stopping the Lyme. I don’t want to go back on IV antibiotics since it ruined my body last time. Had some very scary things happen that nobody should go through. For now I’m staying with my daily oral antibiotics for life. 

Let’s just hope something breaks through for Lyme and health issues one day. Don’t give up hope. Try to enjoy your Christmas and never give up! 

Brain MRI 

7 Dec

Had another brain MRI with GAD (dye/contrast) on Monday. I’ve had another concussion since my last brain MRI and CT scan and have been having those incoherent episodes and passing out I’ve been talking about. Last time they misdiagnosed a brain tumor, Parkinson’s and MS due to some Lyme lessons on my brain. I have a lot of brain pressure daily, short & long term memory loss, headaches, migraines and a lot of trouble with my brain so hopefully we find something.