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I Finally Have A PCP – First Visit Went Well 

29 Oct

For many years now I’ve had trouble finding a Primary Doctor. My doctors I’ve had since I was a teen said they would no longer be my doctor because I was “too complicated” for them and they didn’t know how to help me. One doctor told me he was leaving me because he doesn’t like the fact I use medical marijuana. Every new a doctor appointment resulted in a failure. Most doctors told me they do not believe in Lyme disease or lupus and told me they will not be my doctor. 

After a long search my mom found a primary doctor who believes in Lyme and secretly will help me. He doesn’t take new patients so I was lucky to know somebody. This doctor also wants to use life-long oral antibiotic pulsing on me since he knows my Lyme is resistant to all treatments and my body won’t allow healing due to my primary immunodeficicey. 

My first visit was great! He is a very caring, compassionate doctor and I can tell he wants to help. He even said there was no need for me t travel so far to see my other Lyme doc or go to pain management that he will handle my RX for pain meds. He normally doesn’t prescribe pain meds I’m told so he did that just for me, what a great guy. He knows I’ve been on them since I was an early teen with arthritis and degenerative disc disease and bad knees. 

It was such a relief to see him input all my illnesses in his records without questioning me or my previous doctors or test results/records. He kept saying “oh my gosh you have that as well you have so many bad things going on at once that’s horrible”. He was really nice and my mom and I nearly teared up when he left the room because we are used to being yelled at, belittled and sent home without a new doctor. So this was a first.