Quick Update 

2 Apr


I’m not in a good place in my life physically, mentally and emotionally. The girl I moved here to live with decided she can’t do this so she had someone else text me and tell me “it’s over and to leave her alone now”. Who the hell does that? She’s too afraid to face me and tell me or give me a chance. I don’t want to talk about it but that’s the just of it.

I’ve been sicker and need to be in the hospital but have nobody to drive me. I can barely walk, shaky, fevers, brain hurts worse…. Not sure if it’s the Mepron. I never had trouble with Mepron in the past. I’ve been sleeping a lot and trying to take my mind off things. 

Hang in there guys/gals we will do this. Nothing will stop us! 

3 Responses to “Quick Update ”

  1. gwsevt April 17, 2016 at 6:23 am #

    Hey Brian, This just came into my email today. I see you wrote it a couple weeks ago. How’s it going? Just how far are you from family and friends now and do you have a doc local? I remember all of those symptoms but the only one I relate to Mepron is nausea. Stress however and your life support pulling out from under you all around certainly contribute to a flare in symptoms and all that you describe. Your body and mind have more that enough to deal with already the added emotional stress becomes very physical. On the other hand anyone capable of ditching you in the midst of this battle for your life especially when they are your only physical support is not someone you need or want to have around. I know easy for me to say but texting you…and having someone else do it at that? Who does that?

  2. CranberryLyme May 10, 2016 at 10:57 am #

    Very immature and self centered people would text something like that….not to mention someone who makes up elaborate stories to get others on her ‘side’. Sorry you had to deal with that. I can relate to Dr. House, every day…but I do all I can to not think about the last part of the quote. Everything about this/these illnesses drags us down physically, emotionally, and often spiritually. Some times it is so hard to keep up the fight; to face another day. However, think of the millions who count on us coming through for them. If we don’t keep fighting the good fight, we can’t possibly draw attention to this disease in order to educate new potential victims. The world is counting on you (us) to keep on blogging, speaking out, and proving to the world that Chronic Lyme is real, its very painful, it mimics so many horrible diseases, its debilitating, its oppressive, and until there is a cure, it is non-stop. Hugs to you!

    • 49er Bryan June 1, 2016 at 5:05 pm #

      Thank you much. I appreciate your comment. Been too sick to be on here lately. I don’t understand how I can save a person’s life, she’s told me numerous times I saved her. She kept coming and going so we were on and off for four years. She finally said when she was dying I was all she could think about and she needs me here now. She tells everyone “if I ever say I need you just know I was very weak and I trust you and I never say I need you to anyone so if I do please be there”. So I risked my life, my health & gave up all the money I had left to show with my actions I want to spend my life with her. When I got here she avoided me and met with me one time for an hour to tell me I’m romantic, very loving and she wants to move in with me eventually. She asked for my spare car keys so she can drive me to the hospital when I need to go. Then I delivered an Easter basket (with keys) I bought her and she asked me to drop it off at 2am in front of her house. Next day I ask if she got the basket. She replied “this needs to end don’t ever contact me again” and she had someone contact me telling me it’s over as I’m laying in the ER crying. I don’t know how it went from “bring me the basket please” to “it’s over” in one day when we never even talked so I didn’t mess anything up. I think she just got cold feet? So she blocked me on text. Two days later texts me to tell me I’m unblocked (after telling me to never contact her again). Then I saw on her Facebook she was out on a date with some guy. She was mad I saw the post and didn’t seem to care I caught her talking to someone else. It is all very confusing. I came here to get married and now I’m stuck here heartbroken with nobody to take care of me. She won’t answer my texts and I’ve asked at least 10 times for my car keys so I can move. I even told her a police officer will come get them if she doesn’t want to see me. She will reply “I don’t have them” or some blunt sarcastic reply like “your mom”. It’s very immature & unlike her. I think she’s trying to push me away and make me hate her so I will leave her alone. But she’s told me before she likes when I fight for her. She’s a very lost person and has mental issues but I know I need to move on. I still love her as a person though before all of this.

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