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Drive Across The U.S. – Moved 

24 Jan

I just drove for the first time in 6 years and drove 3200+ miles to my new home on the East Coast. I am from Northern California & The Bay Area so it’s a huge change. I did live in Oregon for a year so I am used to light snow and negative 10 degrees. There was a huge storm just south of me on my journey but I have to tip my hat to the road crews for keeping the interstate clear of snow. 

I traveled through the following states and will give me pros and cons. There was snow from Utah to my new state near NY. I took I-70 to I-80. From Eastern Colorado to border of Pennsylvania there isn’t much to see but flat land and wildfowl. It took 5 days on this trip and I drive an average of 10-11 hours per day. I left at 11am each day and missed all the traffic in cities. It’s good to take a trip and refresh your mind. 

California – my home state 

Nevada – drove through at night not much to see 

Arizona – couldn’t find one hotel to stop at, very sparse on 70 

Utah – beautiful rocks. Stayed at new La Quinta in Saint George it was the best hotel 

Colorado – hotel was stinky & small, Rockies were nice but not Denver, liked Vail 

Nebraska – not much to see, cheap gas 

Iowa – flat and not much to see 

Illinois – flat not much to see. Gas $1.69 

Indiana – interstate toll was $8.00 from one end to other end of state 

Ohio – interstate till was $18.50 from one end of state to other. Cheapest gas $1.43  

Pennsylvania – mountains, starts to get beautiful, stayed in nice hotel in Debois 

New York – $1.50 bridge toll, beatiful scenery 

Connecticut – beautiful state, snow, trees…. 
Now I’m here with my girlfriend and hoping this works out. I want to start a family with her and marry her but we will see how this goes. 

Malarone Side Effect – Quick Update 

5 Jan

Still not having any progress. Malarone gave me a bad side effect so I had to stop taking it. I’ve taken it a few times before but this was a first. They switched me back to Mepron, but my insurance won’t cover it so its $1300 so I can’t take it. The LDI last three doses did nothing for me. I’m down to 8-6c. Antibiotics are making me herx. Still flaring everyday and sweating severely but what’s new. I literally soak my bed and clothes everyday since I was 13 years old. Babesia is the top culprit but it just won’t seem to die. I’m getting ready to move to New Englamd area so I’m really busy and may have no internet for a while. Be back soon.
Hope you all are hanging in there ….. 

GoFundMe – Medical Help 

5 Jan


Still Need Help 
I’m set to move to the East Coast in two weeks. My parents are taking care of my baby niece now and they are barely making it so I’m moving out on my own to save them money. I will also be moving to be with my girlfriend who nearly died recently from renal failure. She was born with only one kidney. She is a cancer survivor, chronically ill and still trying to be a nurse to help others, she’s truly amazing. I want to be there with her to show her that she is loved, appreciated and I would like to take care of her. She deserves to be treated like a princess. Unfortunately I will be barely making it on my fixed income so I need to help to pay my medical bills and IVIG. I’m still looking for any help. Thank you in advance. Update posting next…. 
The link to my page: GOFUNDME/LYMEINSIDE