Arbonne Products For Sale & Quick Update 

23 Nov

Help With Income

I hate asking for anything but… Someone who means the world to me has an Arbonne store (web page) to sell product so she can make an income while going to college. She is a cancer survivor, a fighter and is very ill like myself so she had to recently quit her job taking care of a disabled person. She has a huge heart and is the sweetest girl I know. She needs some help to keep her store going and make some income. 

They sell health and beauty products but also nutritional stuff. There is product for dehydration, protein, vitamins, fiber & more on the site. Anything will help her out for now. She needs some sales by Tuesday. I’m going to help her out also. Thank you in advance. 

Here is the link to her store: ARBONNE 

Quick Update On Me:

I’ve been taking Malarone for my Babesia about two weeks now. I’ve been herxing every night since I started it. My Babesia was getting worse so we are focusing on the Babesia for now and I stopped antibiotics for the month since it was too much on my liver. It’s hard to detox while on so many antibiotics. I haven’t been feeling so well since I got back from CT. The LDI isn’t doing anything yet. I still haven’t found my right LDI dose. 

We have my 3 year old baby niece living here now so I try to do what I can to entertain her. We watch a lot of SpongeBob. She helps me take my meds amd is my little helper. 

I truly hope you all have a good doctor and are being taken care of. Keep hope alive. We got this! 

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