Doctors Are Not Gods! Don’t Let Them Treat You Bad 

1 Jul

Here’s Your Sign Every Bad Doctor 

Okay before you get offended or think this is mean hear me out. I’m writing this as I’ve been struggling all day with my health and crying in pain. I’ve been struggling with my health since I was a baby. In all of those years I have only met a few doctors who actually cared or showed compassion. Doctors take an oath to help all their patients who need help yet I find that instead of helping, most of the time they make things worse. 

I’m laying here sicker than usual and it crossed my mind about a doctor visit a year or so ago. It was an immune doctor at UC Davis who not only belittled me but he was a jerk during the visit and when I went for the follow up he canceled last minute while I was in the waiting room knowing I’m home bound and it took a lot for me to make it to that appointment. When I asked why he canceled 10 minutes before my follow up his personal nurse said “please come with me down the hallway (knowing what she was about to say would piss me off). 

The nurse said “Dr. N (N stands for neglectful but it’s also his real initial because I don’t care who knows) told me that he does not believe you have any of the illnesses you claim or in your records and that over the past 30+ years all of your doctors diagnoses were wrong”. I said “wait so you are telling me my 40 or so doctors over the years from Sutter, Kaiser, Northbay..etc are all wrong and my positive tests, MRIs, x-rays eye are all false?!!”. She said “that is correct he looked at your immunization test and he thinks all you need is a shrink, he said you don’t have lupus, CFS, Lyme, FMS, POTS…etc but rather it’s all in your head”. So by one immune test (that wasn’t normal it showed my immunizations never worked because I have no/weak immune system) he can tell all that? “Wow he must be some kind of God”!! I said sacastically, followed by a “tell that doctor to retire and to go F himself” as I walked out. 

I’ve learned over the years that doctors only care for those patients with physical wounds they can treat and a nurse even confirmed that one night in the E.R.. I’ve had doctors tell me straight up “I do not want to be your doctor or help you please move on” after meeting them for the first time. Not because I said anything wrong because most of the time I don’t even talk but because he read in my chart “chronic Lyme disease”. Doctors refuse to believe ticks can get out of the east coast and it baffles me that someone who went through school that long can be that stupid. It’s funny when the patient has more education than the doctor. I love to study and learn and was a computer programmer among many other things and almost a police officer before Lyme took my body away from me so I don’t take crap from any doctor and I know more than they think I know. 

I just wanted to share this because I know every week somebody is going to an appointment and coming home crying because the doctor made them feel stupid or crazy and didn’t even try to help them. Don’t let any doctor make you feel that way doctors aren’t gods most are just crabby assholes. My mom’s doctor once told her “you’re fat you need to lose weight, I’m not fat because I play tennis”. This was from a very popular doctor. That comment still sticks with her and she’s not even fat! That doctor was a short stalky man with a beer gut so I don’t know why he thought he was cool enough to say that. If I was there I would have punched him or threw him around like a rag doll. Lol So don’t ever feel like you are crazy or take the first doctor’s advice, always see at least three to four doctors and if one believes in you then give them a chance. There are good doctors out there but they are rare. Hope this helped some of you who have went through this already and thought you were the only one. I hear these type of horror stories from my Spoonie friends all the time. Next time a doctor makes you feel bad or doesn’t believe your positive test,  just give the doc the middle finger and walk out of there. 

7 Responses to “Doctors Are Not Gods! Don’t Let Them Treat You Bad ”

  1. Brian July 1, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    Let’s face it: most doctors are not worthy of the title of physician. Most doctors have no idea as to the causes of illness and to add insult to injury, will even ridicule and insult you for being ill. I believe American medicine is in shambles, and I believe strongly that ineptness, ignorance, and naivety is the norm in non-surgical medicine. It’s a bad position to be in–to be ill and to find that you have to diagnose yourself & create your own treatments. Very few of us have doctors that are qualified to treat chronic illness. In the end, the likelihood of recovery from the disease is dependent largely on how much money one has. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  2. Dana July 1, 2015 at 9:58 pm #

    I am so sorry that you had to experience that. I have been there truthfully been there. It stinks and you feel alone. Thank you for sharing so others know it is not just them.
    Your Dr is out there hang on stay positive. You are alone. Dana

  3. Brenda Hardison July 5, 2015 at 6:08 am #

    Sorry to hear that you have had to be subjected to these ego maniacs, that have more money then brains. Those people took an oath for a big paycheque, and in the end, karma will hopefully set them straight. Every single individual including myself, was disregarded, ignored, told Lyme’s does not exist in Canada and a doctor at the Hamilton Infectious Disease said straight to my face, she figured my husband and myself were being sexually active with other couples. ( Dr. P) I would love to state her full name. In sitting in the first Lyme’s Support Group in Fort Erie a women I was introduced to set up for those of us suffering this illness in this town, I met another individual who had the same doctor at Infectious Disease in Hamilton. She showed her the ring on her leg and was STILL disregarded by this doctor. A woman doctor who apparently must live a lonely life as she has no compassion for others, and we do not know how she is still employed. Our MP attended this meeting and is fighting every step of the way for each individual suffering Lyme’s and has asked all of us to write the Minister of Health (which is a doctor) and wants to hear from us. I have not sent my letter but am writing it. Every specialist I went to disregarded me, I was even asked if I had seen a psychiatrist. These are the people that should be seeing a psychiatrist and these are the people that should be losing their licence, not the doctors or specialists who are trying to care for us. We are trusting in these people to save our lives. My family doctor told me he felt I had this illness and has tried caring for me every step of the way. In this town alone, there are only 2 doctors that I feel truly go above and beyond for others.

    Once again, sorry to hear that you had to go through this, it is degrading to every individual that has been pushed aside because instead of these professionals learning something a little more, which is what their job is, we have to do their job for them when it comes to something further then a common problem and learn all we can to help ourselves.

  4. The Chronically Beautiful July 6, 2015 at 5:39 pm #

    For what it may be worth, I am so sorry you have been treated this way. Even though we as all sufferers go through these episodes during the years, we always feel so alone and isolated. That’s why it is so vital to speak out and search for ones like ourselves because unfortunately we are the only ones who will understand each other. It hurts me tremendously to see ones with Lyme getting so neglected! I am from Australia and have been blessed to have had a doctor who only specialises in diseases such as Lyme and Rickettsia. What makes it more helpful is he is compassionate, warm and so concerned for his patients. I think that aspect can help heal just as much as medication can. Please keep searching, keep seeking to find a doctor who will care for you. I wish this for you and so much more! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • 49er Bryan July 12, 2015 at 1:50 am #

      Thank you. I have a pretty good Lyme doctor now and my neuro surgeon was great but I still have yet to find a primary doctor who will help me. I hope you have a great weekend

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