Have Severe Daily Head Pressure? This May Help 

22 Jun



I’ve had severe head pressure for as long as I can remember. I get meningitis while on certain meds but I have cluster headaches, migraines…etc. my head feels like it’s squished in a vice and its inflamed. I take quercetin bromaline, curcumin and other anti-inflam meds/supps for my brain. I’ve tried RX migraine meds with no success. I haven’t found a good cure for my migraines except being in the dark with no noise and no cell phone. But my head pressure for the first time in years in a bit better thanks to an RX med. 

My Lyme doctor gave my Losartan 50mg a day for my head pressure. Losartan is for hypertension which I have and always have high blood pressure and “hyper” POTS. So she figured she could help my high blood pressure while really targeting my head pressure. Since this med is for BP your doctor will need to say this is for your blood pressure for insurance to cover it. But this med was specifically given to me for head pressure, make sense? So far my BP has been good and my head pressure is more tolerable. 

If you suffer from severe head pressure I know how hard it can be to think, read, noise hurts the head…etc so it’s debilitating. If you are looking for relief you might want to give this a try. If your blood pressure is on the lower side or normal then this might not be for you. But I know when your brain hurts you get desecrate for anything. This is the first med that’s touched my head pressure so I wanted to share.

Also if you have 20+ year old latest stage chronic Lyme and no meds seem to work…. Minocycline and Tinidazole are the only two that touch my cyst/biofilm form Lyme. Mini kills the Lyme in the brain and is one of the only antibiotics that can pemattate the brain barrier. Tinidazole will make you feel like crap but that’s a sign it’s working. Good luck!


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