Hydration Is Important With Illness 

14 Jun


Stay Hydrated

I cannot stress how important it is with chronic illness that you need to stay hydrated! Especially with summer being here. I have chronic dehydration (intra cellular dehydration). Plus we get dehydrated from our different illnesses and  medications. I have to hyper-hydrate daily as per the doctors orders. Hyper-hydrate means to over hydrate or drink until your are full. Even if I feel full and hydrated I have to drink more. 

Being hydrated is pretty easy to tell. Your urine will be dark yellow when you are dehydrated and as you get hydrated your urine becomes lighter in color. If your urine is clear then you should be well hydrated. Another sign to tell if you are hydrating enough is how frequently you are urinating. Some have urinating medical issues or take meds that can make you pee more frequently so don’t confuse the two. If you frequently urinate from medical issues make sure your urine is light in color. 

I used to urinate maybe once in two days, that’s when I knew something was wrong. My urine was almost brownish but didn’t have blood in it. That when I was diagnosed with chronic dehydration issues. It can make your veins be hard to work with during a blood test or IV infusion. Dehydration can cause all kinds of symptoms but click the link in this sentence to see the list. Look for the signs and make sure you always stay hydrated it’s very important to healing. 


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