Pain Med Law Has Me Angry 

3 Apr


I will try to keep this clean but this new law has had me angry since it first took effect. I have spoken on this issue before but since recent issues occurred I want to touch base on it again. If you are not familiar with the law (I don’t know the actual name of it), it is the law that anyone on certain tier pain medication must see a doctor face-to-face every month or two for refills and take a drug urine test. So basically it makes us who actually need pain meds for a better quality of life feel like criminals. 

What makes me so angry is the fact Lyme patients with anything Lyme related do not get those Lyme related things covered (medical visit, meds, treatment..).  Those of us like me with latest-stage neuro Lyme who are bedridden and homebound must still be forced to go visit our doctor who prescribes these pain meds versus just clicking “refill” like we used to. So even though the pain meds may be covered and cost $5 well the 15 min doctor visit cost $375, the car ride cost $20+ in gas, the vomiting all the way up and down the freeway… You get the picture. The meds end up costing a lot of moment and days of recouping and doctor nor the government give a damn as long as they get a profit. 

I was told I have to come in before the 27th and make an appointment or I can no longer “legally” have my pain meds I’ve been on for 15+ years. So they will let us withdrawl or go without them in so much pain we are crying and suicide is on our mind because of the severe pain? I am still healing from my swollen brain and can’t really be in a car, I have an IVIG infusion which will wipe me out and most likely cause the swelling to come back in the next week. I hinted how I cannot leave the house at this time but I’m told by law I must make an appointment and see the doctor asap or I lose my refills. 

So because some choose to abuse pain meds! steal them or sell them, the literal pain sufferers have to suffer and pay large amounts of money due to this new “law”. The people that make these laws don’t think or use common sense. There are a million better ways to crack down on pill abusers or pill pushing doctors but this law is not the answer. The reason I am upset is because I’ve gone without pain meds before while switching doctors and my pain was so severe I can’t think, I just lay there crying and nothing else seems to help. Ketamine infusions were helping me but UCD refuses to let any “outsiders” in even though I am an insider. I’ve tried everything and I was at my last resort with ketamine IV. I have a great pain managemt doctor, natural pain meds…etc.

The only meds that help my body are Norco and morphine (since fentanyl patches burn my skin) and I feel like an outlaw just getting them filled. We are forced to make an appointment to get these pain meds refilled yet when we are at the appointment the doctors always say “you are only here just to get pain meds hmmm I don’t trust you”. It’s like the twilight zone where you just want to say “okay what’s going on here?”. We are too weak, mentally drained to even think or speak (not because of the meds) but they look at us funny as if we are exaggerating our pain or symptoms. Then make you pee in a cup to see if you have been overdosing the recommended amount. 

I do agree that there are too many people given pain medication that do not need them at all and there are too many abusers. But I don’t agree on making bedridden people battling for their lives to have to get in a car and drive for hours to get medication. Especially us Lymies who have to pay out of pocket for a doctor visit. I bet they think it’s no big deal as most non-Lyme patients doctor visits are actually covered and their doctors are near by. I hate to see what law comes next. 


4 Responses to “Pain Med Law Has Me Angry ”

  1. Pissedlymie April 3, 2015 at 4:28 am #

    This sucks man. This law has been in Ohio. I didn’t understand it at the time because I was using vicodin as needed. I failed a urine test by not having hydrocodone in my urine because I wasn’t taking them everyday. The Dr. threw his paperwork in the air, walked out and dropped me. He had also said in his 30 yrs as head of the Cleveland Clinic Infectious Disease dept, He only saw one case of lyme in a child and it was gone in a week. Oh, I was also only getting 3 vicodin a day. But ya, that monthly law is also in Ohio and has been for yrs. They also permanently denied my disability claim that I fought 3 yrs for and took to federal court. I’ve talked to so many veterans that the exact same thing is happening to. I guess the silver lining is that you could live in a red state.

  2. Dana April 5, 2015 at 1:10 am #

    I am so sorry about this new law. Is this law just in CA?
    It is just very wrong that you or anyone else who is house bound has to go through that just to pick up a prescription. I truly sorry.
    Thank you for keeping us updated.

    • 49er Bryan April 6, 2015 at 11:27 pm #

      This law is in every state. They are cracking down on the prescriptions meds. Hopefully it will get better.

  3. vicky swift April 8, 2015 at 3:17 pm #

    It ALL makes me mad. I have personally had to sit here for THREE years in a lyme endemic area and not have ONE doc out of the 50 or so I saw tell me it was lyme. I didn’t even KNOW until last fall. I have YET to get quality lyme meds, and have been bumbling along with a rag tag mix of the wrong meds at the wrong time for the wrong thing. Surgeries, epic problems with gut, stroke, eye problems, sinus and dental surgery, colitis, FM, CFS, CVID…and there is more. PLUS I have had to pretty much stop working while I lay here and almost died. Yeah, I know stress is bad but once in a while, ya just gotta say it..

    I suggest we lyme patients make this our rallying cry and not…”keep up with your coconut pulling people!!! Yeah!!! Awesome purging!!!

    What in the hell is wrong with the world that so many are being left this way?


    Fix it guys or we are going to come to DC and have a chat. Perhaps a rallying march, except we are all too sick or paralyzed to do anything besides rant on the internet.

    well done!

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