How Medical Marijuana Has Helped Me 

1 Apr


For those who do not like prescription medicine maybe medical marijuana (mmj) can help you. I have tried marijuana when I was younger but never thought years later it would be helping me medically. Over the past 5-6 years of being home bound I have tried a ton of prescriptions and pain meds. I am/was taking medication they give to cancer patients during chemo to keep them from vomiting. Those meds didn’t seem to help me and they cost a lot of money even after insurance covers it. I was vomiting after every meal, daily for years. I was losing weight, had zero appetite…and hundreds of symptoms from all my illnesses. 

Below I will list what mmj has helped me with. THC products are the “illegal” ones without a card or not in a legal state. CBD only products are legal in any state and are made with hemp plants. There are “illegal” plants with high CBD & THC and that is what works best for me. 

What should you use if you get your medical marijuana card or get a hold of some? Well there are different strains and different ways to take marijuana so experiment, start slow with little amounts until you find what your body likes. What I found was best for me was indica, with higher THC%, Highest CBD% I can find and I like the edibles the best. I will smoke it once in a while. There are many ways to get your intake but I won’t go into that. I use chocolate bars, smoke buds or use mmj honey sticks. The chocolate bars have a pretty big hint of mmj in the taste but it tastes just like a Hershey bar. The honey sticks you can mix in your tea at night to help you sleep. 

What MMJ Has Helped Me With 

  • Sleep – insomnia & CFS battle each other but mmj honey sticks helped me get some much better sleep and REM.
  • Appetite – mmj gave me my appetite back, I lost a lot of weight and was thinner than I’ve ever been, even from high school days! But to get your appetite back you need mmj with THC in it so hemp plants or CBD only product will not work. 
  • Pain – mmj doesn’t work miracles for pain but if you get the right strain and highest CBD% it can help take the edge off the pain for a while. Seems to only help me 15min up to an hour each dose. 
  • Vomiting – one of the biggest things mmj has helped me with and it worked better than any expensive RX. Again you will need to find what works best with your body highest CBD count. 
  • Depression – I feel more alive, happy and more social when I take mmj. The THC will help the most with this issue. 

4 Responses to “How Medical Marijuana Has Helped Me ”

  1. Cash Johnny April 1, 2015 at 6:55 am #

    Bryan Thank you for sharing. It’s important to get how bad this Epidemic is..!!!! Bryan as I hope for you to find ways to keep your Lyme+Co-infections at bay(as there is no cure) that you also open up more
    and share more to the public and the Corrupt CDC, IDSA, NIH who are doing anything to keep this hidden and have been for Decades! Bryan, you may not know but there are MILLIONS,( yes CDC fell on their face and admited that close to half a MILLION people WILL become INFECTED each YEAR!) of us who wish we had your popularity to get the public to WAKE UP! and get the Gov’t to do the right thing…Byran…it’s not at the lack of us trying…when IDSA opened a Facebook page and wanted to hear from people…We Lyme+ Victims got on that page…and told IDSA exactly what it’s all about and what’s wrong with it all….what did IDSA do…they got in bed with Facebook and erased Millions of our posts…cuz the TRUTH was too much for them to hear!!! Here we are today….still…..with NOTHING but corruption to show for it……Byran….THANK YOU….I hope you and all of us can make a difference….cuz this is one serious EPIDEMIC!

    • 49er Bryan April 2, 2015 at 12:44 am #

      I agree with you. I have posted in the past when I had more strength and brain power about the IDSA,CDC…etc. I have also written to Mrs. Obama and congress..etc and heard back from most. They all said “we are working on a Lyme bill” but that was about it. I exposed that IDSA page on Facebook since I was one of the first to comment and a doctor was making fun of myself and my friend who posted that night. So I exposed that idiot “doctor” and believe he was fired. I just don’t have the mental strength to do much anymore. Hopefully the word is getting out there. The world needs the truth not all these lies from the CDC and IDSA. Thank you, keep up the fight.

  2. Dana April 5, 2015 at 1:04 am #

    Bryan thank you for sharing this information with US. I wish our state had mmj to help with those symptoms.
    Most of the prescription pain meds and anti nausea meds are not working anymore. I am so happy you are getting relief with MMJ

    • gwsevt April 23, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

      Dana, something you might try for the nausea, if you haven’t already, is a TENS unit for stimulating the acupressure point for nausea on your wrist. When I was on Mepron none of the medications (and they tried them all) even touched the nausea for me, it got so bad I stopped taking the medication and it was very important for me to take, they didn’t have a replacement that would do what they needed it to. Anyway my DO had read a study they did with Cancer patients, they did some with pregnant women as well and had me give it a try. As long as I stimulated the spot on a regular schedule and stayed ahead of it I never had any hint of nausea and was able to go back on the Mepron without any problems. TENS units can be bought on line very inexpensively and the less expensive ones are just fine ($10 or less) and well worth a try. Good luck, nausea really is miserable my heart goes out to you.

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