Spring/Summer Inspired Smoothie & Update On My Health 

28 Mar



I’ve mentioned I bought a Nutri Ninja IQ over the Bullet blender since I wanted more watts and power to mix things. So I’ve been having fun making smoothies and concoction drinks. I like all sorts of fruits and veggies but I know some are very picky so mix and match how you like and use fruits or veggies you love to replace the ones in the recipes you may find. Here are some tips or drinks I’ve been trying out. 

The drink in the photo above: I added all fresh fruits in this one so there is natural sugars in fruits which I know many Lymies do not want in their diet. I am on a low sugar diet since I figure why punish myself with no sugar at all just to feel 1% better each day? I cannot use any sweetness or sugar substitutes because I am allergic they make me gag and make my tongue numb. I can always tell when something has stevia or any substitute first sip because it tastes like cough surup to me. I remember as a child the first time diet soda came out I took a drink since I was so thirsty and I ended up puking and wondered why my tongue felt funny. 

Spring/Summer Smoothie – All Fresh (has natural sugars)

Tip: try freezing the grapes or bananas 

  • Watermelon (Seedless) 
  • Bananas (thinkens all smoothies & adds potassium) 
  • Green Grapes 
  • Strawberries 
  • Blueberries 
  • Cashew Milk 
  • Honey 

Jam Smoothies

Tip: Jam is better than jellies it has chunks of fruit in it & texture

  • Cashew/Almond Milk (Cashew is creamier, Almond Milk Vanilla flavor)
  • Bananas 
  • Apricot/Peach Jam 
  • Honey 

That’s it pretty simple but very tasty. Again if you are on a no-sugar diet then try using an organic sugar-free jelly or jam and maybe add some sweetner to give it a sweeter flavor. Also you can get ‘Original Almond Milk’ which doesn’t have the vanilla flavoring and less calories. Adjust these recipes to fit your needs. 

Update on my Health 

After the last IVIG I had a lot of brain swelling and pressure for a week or longer. It has gone away. My current Lyme treatment (which is only a maintenance dose since my doctors feel to too late to treat me aggressively) is not doing anything. When I messaged my LLMD she told me to keep taking the Curcumin (she highly believes in this stuff over western medicine) and reminded me to “make sure I’m taking 1500mg per day” as if I’m not. I told her it wasn’t helping but she doesn’t say much in reply. 

My bones feel more “bruised” than usual. I had another Lupus test and it came back “negative”. That makes me mad because one time it’s positive then the next it’s negative so they don’t want to mark it on my medical records even though it runs in my family and I have all the symptoms and have been diagnosed with it by 4 different dictums including PCPs. It’s one of the harder medical issues to diagnose. The low-dose steroid are not helping.

I feel worse and can barely stand to make myself a snack. As always I cannot go into direct sunlight but I can rarely leave the house to begin with so its no big deal. I will be in the sun on a car ride to the doctor and it puts me right to sleep even if I wide awake and the sun makes my symptoms worse. The sun is my enemy but I wish I could lay out and get a tan one day so I don’t look so pale. My muscles, bones, nerves …are all still severely in pain. I’m still taking high dose morphine, Norco, Curcumin, other pain meds…. Nothing seems to give me relief. 

Thinking next trip to the doctor we need to try something new. I may be going back to a naturopath I once used to see. He seemed to want to know more about my past and family genes. I see so many with Lyme saying how they almost feel back to their old self. Although they are early stage and probably only had Lyme 2 years or less that’s probably why. They could be in remission but like me it may come back many years later and be late-stage Lyme which is much much worse.  Just hoping for a good day or two this summer so I can do something or have human interaction for once. But as always I am staying positive with all my illnesses and I will fight with all I have to feel better. Keeping myself occupied with a new PS4. I’m happy. 

Keep fighting fellow warriors and count your blessings instead of your problems each day it helps. Stay strong. 


2 Responses to “Spring/Summer Inspired Smoothie & Update On My Health ”

  1. Brian March 30, 2015 at 12:46 pm #

    49erBry, try Dr. Zhang’s HH2 & Allicic for Lyme & Bartonella. It is the best natural abx. I have already had a herx after having no success with synthetics or IV. hepapro.com is the distributor. Well worth the price, and not too expensive for quality herbs.

    • 49er Bryan April 2, 2015 at 12:45 am #

      Thanks I will look them up. Not even the Minocycline helps any,ore.

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