Dehydration – Dry Mouth Tips 

21 Mar


Dehydration – Dry Mouth Tips 

If you have been following my blog for a while you know I have a chronic dehydration problem. Not just the POTS issue where I need fluids but I also have a generic problem where my cells cannot retain water or something of that nature. When I go to the ER they always say I have chronic dehydration but I think it’s called “chronic intra-cellular dehydration”. 

With my dehydration I literally have a very dry mouth like the Majave Desert. I can drink 8 bottled waters and still have severe thirst. I can take a drink of water and my mouth will literally dry up within seconds of swolleing the water. I’ve never had a quenched thirst or moisture feeling in the last 5-6 years since Lyme was getting neurological and debilitating. 

I have no idea what a moist mouth felt like until I tried this genetic Target brand “Dry Mouth Oral Rinse”. I always remind myself to pick some up when I rarely go to the store since it’s right by the pharmacy but always forget. I finally remembered. I took my first cap full tonight and my mouth felt moist for at least 5-10 minutes. Something is always better than nothing right? It felt great to to have that dry tongue, dry teeth and throat feel in my mouth for once. If you have dry mouth, cotton mouth from mmj..etc, I highly recommend this stuff. 

In the picture above are my Lyme essentials since Lyme can cause sensitive teeth, gums, nerves in your mouth. It is hard to brush sometimes when you are hitting nerve endings in your gums. The sensadyne toothpaste helps some and the sensitive mouth wash also helps a little. If you have a sour mouth or Lyme issues you might want to give these items a try. Good luck. 



7 Responses to “Dehydration – Dry Mouth Tips ”

  1. Greg Hawkins March 21, 2015 at 10:56 am #

    P.S. Bryan, yes you may get a dental plan on Medicare. Monthly premium (in some “advantage” plans) is based on state and county. As a former priest/social worker, and although I sold Medicare sips and advantage in grad. school, I am having problems getting on disability. I am too weak and mentally unable to keep up a sustained “Lyme Awareness” perspective such as yourself, so I am so happy and fortunate that there are strong, sick people such as yourself helping to shed light and personal perspective on this tortuous disease. I “thank you,” to that end. If I may be of assistance re: your “dental” Medicare amendment,” them please let me know how I may help. I am no longer licensed to sell advise re: these products, so my interest do not see to be reimbursed, or promote anyone product. I in Ca., so may have to do “homework” to search for you a plan, so along w/ my inabilities, etc., may take a few weeks. Thanks, again, for all of your sacrifice, Greg Hawkins, SJ Emeritus May “DM” to @gehawkins , or email address above and on your dust. list.

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    • 49er Bryan March 22, 2015 at 1:57 am #

      Thank you Greg. I have Original Medicare since I couldn’t afford many advantage plans. Not sure why they don’t offer a package deal with dental for Disability. I am very weak also and pretty much still bedridden going on 6 years now. I just lay in bed and slowly write m blog posts over days. I figure Lyme disease needs a voice as someone who has suffered from it my whole life I hate to see anyone else who gets it or those who are uneducated about lyme who don’t care if they get bit by a tick. So I want to get the word out there so the public can see how badly we suffer and what we go through. The truth needs to get out there and not just people thinking we are crazy and exaggerating. I guess I feel like if I am going down I am going down with my guns blazing! lol stay hopeful things will get better

      • no1ineonhorizon March 24, 2015 at 11:32 pm #

        I have the same problem from antibiotics. I asked my son’s fiance who is a dental assistant and also going on for dental hygienist if there is anything else besides the biotene rinse and tooth paste like you basically have. She told me about and gets me samples of OraCoat XyliMelts for dry mouth. They are adhering tablets that you put inside your mouth and they slowly dissolve. They increase salvia, freshen breath, reduces risk of tooth decay, and sleep disruption by dry mouth. She also told me to also get my gum w/ xylitol in it because it increases saliva. Orbit is a good one. You can also get prescription mouth washes from your dr. that help. The XyliMelts can be gotten either through your local pharmacist who can order them or your dentist should have them. I would ask for free samples from the dentist or maybe go on-line and see if you can get some free that way. I got a pic line over 6 weeks ago had 6wks of Rocephin 2x a day then switched to Minocin 2x a day for 6 weeks for Neuro Lyme. 1st time on, what a pain, 2hrs 2x a day. Have 1 wk in. Sucks being disabled. I’m looking for a new primary dr. 1st she doesn’t believe I have lyme disease or any other tick borne disease, she believes pain meds are reserved for cancer patients, I’m on morphine, oxy and a few other things by my pain dr. In Dec my pt called her to make her aware that he thought I had Neuro issues going on as well such as speech, gait, reflexes, etc. possibly/probably due to the Lyme/Neuro Lyme Disease. So she took it as I was crazy and next time I came in because I was having trouble breathing even w/ my inhaler which had been going on for several months, she said I had anxiety and that was causing it, because she got a call from my PT. She got Neurological and Psychological mixed up. Not considering it could be my Chronic Chlamydia Pneumonia that I have tested positive in 09 along w/ a few other lung illnesses, or having AFIB. No, it’s anxiety. She is one of the reason my PT told me my health care has, for the most part, been completely mismanaged and my health is in chronic state in so many areas because dr’s don’t do anything. I saw a spine specialist in Nov. and the 1st thing he said when he walked in the room was he didn’t treat chronic back issues. Well that’s exactly what my PT was talking about, if I would have been treated in the first place and not passed around maybe I wouldn’t be disabled. My disability worker who is reviewing my case from 09, is having me go see a psychologist because he read in my primary drs notes that I basically am crazy. The one dr that knows the least about my health. Bring it on. I might have Lyme Disease but I’m not crazy. Forgetting names and numbers and how to get some where is not the same thing as having a true personality disorder. Where is our voice? We sit here bound and gagged being told we don’t exist. YOU don’t exist. Your suffering doesn’t exist. We are the new lepers of the medical community. Articles in the paper read we are not possible because we would have already have been cured. So we look like fools because we defy everything that is told is true about Lyme Disease. You matter, we all matter and we all deserve to be treated for our “REAL” illness with care and compassion. Stay strong, Our eyes are open and that’s all that matter’s.

      • 49er Bryan March 28, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

        Not doing so well tonight but that you for your comment. Will try to reply better soon.

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