My TGF-B1 Results 

11 Mar

Above: My Human Trans Growth Factor (TGF-B1) Results are back. The last results I think we’re higher. I haven’t driven the 2 hours to see my doctor yet and don’t currently have an appointment so I cannot remember what this test is specifically for? From what I have read it can be signs of cancer, disease, mold issues…etc. My results were high but they are in the normal Lyme or mold sufferers range from what I read. I’ve seen much higher. Maybe one of you can share exactly what this means in layman terms?  Thanks in advance! I will ask my nurse today but he is a retired ER nurse, not sure if he will know. 

Readers of my Blog

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading and for your comments. I do read all comments and sometimes I think I have replied but I didn’t so bare with me. I try to reply to as many as I can, when I have energy. I appreciate you all. Haven’t heard from Bill in a while I hope he is doing okay. There was also a lady who seemed to be ready to give up (suicidal) and haven’t heard back from her so I hope she is doing better. I think of you all and wish you all the best. We will all have better days coming and we will all get through this together. I’m always here. I don’t mind being open as long as I am helping others I am content. 

Have a great week Spoonie family! 


One Response to “My TGF-B1 Results ”

  1. Brian March 12, 2015 at 10:32 am #

    Hi 49er,

    Still struggling to get better, like everyone else.

    Just got new c4a lab back yesterday, dropped from 25,000 to normal range.

    Had first herx using Dr. Zhang’s potent allicin and houttuynia (hh2) for lyme and bartonella. Gets into the brain easily. Felt better after killing germs, hoping for another herx on these herbal formulas.

    Not sure what tgf-b1 is but it sounds like you’ve googled it. I do believe that infections are a significant cause of cancer (esp. babesia) and that all of us are at a greater risk of cancer on account of our infections.

    Hope everybody is stable and having better days.

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