Lyme Disease Challenge 

1 Mar

March 1st started a new Lyme disease challenge “take a bite out of Lyme”. Last year the ALS ice bucket challenge was not only trending and very popular but it also brought in a lot of money for ALS. Some ALS sufferers may actually have Lyme disease. This year we want to start a new trend and get Lyme popular and in the public eye so they can be more educated. 

We need to get the word out there that the CDC & IDSA are not helpful at all and they lie. They make it seem like Lyme disease is an “easy cure” and it’s not chronic. I’m sure you have encountered others like I do who say “what is Lyme isn’t that a thing where you get sick for 2 weeks” or something similar. We need to educate and the world needs to know Lyme disease is in every state and other countries. We need better care, more science/studies, we need compassion and to be believed when we go to a doctors office. 

Do your part by following any of the steps in the picture above. Most of us Lymies are taking a picture biting a lime and posting it on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinerest and include at least one fact about Lyme disease to educate others. Let get this going and hope it gets as much attention as the ice bucket challenge did. Hashtag your photo #LymeDiseaseChallenge 

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