Brain Training Games

11 Feb


Brain Training Games/Apps

Being chronically ill can not only be lonely and isolating but we find ourselves “wasting away” in bed or in our favorite chair. For those like me who are home bound or bedridden we need to try our hardest to keep our brain and bodies active as much as possible. I know some of you are trapped in bed but just do what you can. Even lifting your legs up and down a few times can help. It may be painful but we have to prevent blood clots, muscle loss and keep our muscles active each day as much as we can. I understand many of you cannot but even if a nurse or friend moves your legs for you. Try to motivate yourself to do things you don’t think you can do.

If you have a smart phone or tablet I highly recommend getting some apps to keep your brain active. If you use an iPhone or iPad like me then go into the “App Store” and in the search bar type in “brain training games”. You will see a lot of results. Try the “free” ones and read the reviews to make sure you are getting a decent app. Keeping your brain active will help you in your healing process and help with memory issues. We can’t let our brains or our bodies rot away. Luminosity has a web site to keep your brain active but you have to pay.

As far as Apps , there are jig-saw puzzles, scrabble, trivia, cross-word puzzles… You name it and there is an app for it. You want to challenge your brain at least 30 minutes per day. I like to learn all the time and reading a book is a good way to learn new things or even old things like history. I like to play a few simple games like “Family Guy Quest For Stuff” so it gives me something to look forward to each day & I’m keeping my brain active. It requires tapping your finger and reading simple tutorials. You may find apps or games that relate to your hobbies to keep you busy.

Just remember to find time in your day to motivate yourself to do some sort of exercise and brain activity no matter how much pain it causes it is helping prevent other things that can cause even more pain later. I was bedridden but now I’m in between being bedridden and home bound so one small set back can put me back in bed. My day literally is getting up, walking to my chair in the living room, eat dinner, take Meds, watch tv, take shower then back to bed. I will lay on my back stretcher for 5 min, try to ride my spin bike for a few minutes (usually pass out), and try to keep brain active throughout my day. It’s very painful but I tell myself it’s going to pay off one day.

There are also medical apps for your phone that keep track of your prescriptions for you and manage them or you can take notes and keep your medical info handy. You can also put on your phone that your are disabled and put an emergency contact “ICE” (in case of emergency) for someone to call if they find you passed out. There are disability settings on the iPhone that make text larger and the phone Spoonie friendly. You can google on how to make your phone disability friendly. Our phones and tablets can help out a lot and they are something we have near us at all times but you have to make your phone customized for your needs.

Have a good week. IVIG today or Thursday.


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