Rife Machine & Sauna

2 Feb



I’m always told over and over I need to use a sauna to detox although I use Epsom baths and other methods. I have chronic dehydration issues and with my Babesia I soak my bed in sweat every night so I have no issues sweating the toxins out on my own. That’s one of my biggest insecurities is who will want to marry and lay next to a guy who soaks the bed in sweat even on cold night?

I feel much sicker in heat and pass out. I’m allergic to the sun and vitamin D with my Lupus & illnesses so the sun is my enemy but also heat from a shower can make me severely fatigued and blacking out. So I don’t know if getting in a sauna would be a good thing in my case. I was going to buy a $200 infrared sauna but I like the one posted above plus it has speakers for my music (I’m a fan of music and music helps me a lot).

We have no room in the house, garage or outside for this huge sauna but I would rather buy this one for $1100 that I can sit in a relax with music and my drinks instead of an $800 zip up bag I saw that’s is a infrared sauna. I’m just afraid to spend that kind of money only to find out it makes me worse and I have to try to ship that thing back. So I better start small or try a sauna somewhere first. I just don’t really leave the house so don’t know where I can find one that isn’t around the public and the flu bug. Lol

I am back on my rife machine (my aunt gave it to me she has Lyme also). It says Samsung on it but also “AtelierRobin F100” written on it. She bought it pre-programmed by a company that sells them on eBay. It’s programmed for 1) Lyme 2) Babesia 3) Fibromyalgia 4)Detox so it’s perfect for me. If you are unfamiliar with rife machines it’s like a giant tens unit and it sends frequencies through your body that destroy bacteria and bugs. If you turn a knob too high you are getting a lot of voltage that can be pretty painful & you won’t be able to let go of the paddles.

I was an electrician and I have a degree in technology but these things are a foreign language to me. If you read the instruction manual it looks like chemistry and algebra homework. I think I have it where it works right and I follow the set frequencies for each issue but I don’t understand why I control how much shock I can get? I guess to fine tune it but still if you accidentally turn the knob a little you are frying. Lol I think Rife is one of the best ways to kill these bugs but you just don’t want to overload on toxins and dead bugs. So make sure you detox well and drink a lot of water before hand.

2 Responses to “Rife Machine & Sauna”

  1. Brenda Hardison February 2, 2015 at 1:44 pm #

    I have to know how you make it through a day, some days I don’t think I am going to make it and I am afraid. The tips of my teeth are crumbling off and I have always taken care of my teeth, went through a lot to get them perfect, now I am afraid of losing them. The burning under my skin makes me go into sweats, then I am ice cold.

    How do you know you have Lyme’s, in my area you are just told you don’t have lyme’s, and after pulling a black legged tick out of my head, and suffering what I am going through I know I have it.

    • 49er Bryan February 6, 2015 at 1:12 am #

      Your symptoms can be a number of things and maybe an auto-immune issue. You always want to check your thyroid first and go from there. Lyme is in every state and other countries but due to the controversy the doctors will not admit the truth most times. Insurance doesn’t want to cover an illness that is chronic and involves so much care, everyone wants a profit and doesn’t care about helping us. You will need to find a lyme doctor in your area. Go to lymedisease.org and contact them and ask for a lyme literate doctor list for your area.

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