Sleep, Insomnia, Muscle Relaxers & Immediate Action Needed By You

29 Jul


Sleep, Insomnia, Muscle Relaxers 

I have been living with insomnia since I was a teenager in school.  As I got sicker it became worse. I have tried all the sleep aids RX and OTC, and many other meds, supps or herbals for sleep. I found that Trazadone worked okay but it made me groggy and I had to almost overdose for it to work. Ambien and all those pills did nothing. Melotonin didn’t help. Trust me I tried everything lol. What has been working for me though is a pill given to me for spinal stenosis which is Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine). I have many different muscle relaxers and those others actually keep me awake such as Baclofen. My insurance stopped covering Flexeril so they gave me other muscle relaxers but only certain ones are designed for spinal stenosis help.

I usually take 1-2 pills of 10mg Flexeril with a lot of water about 30 minutes before bed. For me I am tolerant to most meds so I don’t get the high or get sleepy or anything from pain killers or other meds. I feel no difference except maybe a little dizzy from flexeril. I find it helps me sleep for hours versus minutes. I usually toss and turn and stare at the ceiling every night. I usually fall asleep around 8am and sleep during the day. I used to sleep maybe 30 minutes to 2 hours a day if that. With flexeril I sleep maybe 2 solid hours of REM sleep and 4 hours of tossing and turning sleep. When I am exhausted from a long day of being car sick going to doctor appt and I take a flexeril that night and I can sleep for 12 hours. Car rides make me jet-lagged and it takes days to recoup.

Every body, person is different so maybe the baclofen may help you sleep better than the flexeril so you may want to try different muscle relaxers before you give up on them. My body seems to like Norco for break-through pain but I feel nothing from percocet, oxy…etc. Where others prefer percocet over Norco…. so we are all different. Muscle relaxers will also help calm your muscle spasms and twitches during the night. Sometimes they don’t work but they are the only form of sleep aid I have had any success with and some s better than none. Good luck with them if you try them.


Immediate Action Needed By You The Lyme Sufferers


From Phyllis at

“This is the chance we’ve been waiting for, folks, for about 15 years. This bill finally gives patients a seat at the table. No more smoke-filled back rooms, but daylight and a voice for patients. It won’t solve all our problems but is a big step forward. The committee will be doing final markup on Tuesday (today) and Wednesday. “

Go to the website below for phone numbers. Make your call ASAP. It’s important that everyone do this. The bottom line is we want

“HR 4701, July 23 version, with NO amendments.”


CLICK HERE  to do your part











4 Responses to “Sleep, Insomnia, Muscle Relaxers & Immediate Action Needed By You”

  1. Brian August 1, 2014 at 9:36 am #

    I am beginning to think that much of my suffering is due to c. diff, and to a much lesser extent, lyme. I began to make progress on metronidazole which I lost and I had a hard time tolerating it. So far vancomycin is doing nothing. I am going to ask my ND for fidaxomicin, but it seems my best bet to recover from the illness is immunoglobulins and poop transplant. Maybe my ND can be poop donor.

    • 49er Bryan August 9, 2014 at 11:58 pm #

      Could be the c-diff it will linger even after you seem to have it under control. Hope you can get it under control and feel better.

  2. Danni November 7, 2014 at 1:29 am #

    I had a near fatal car accident in 2008 so I also suffer from pain/sleep medicine immunity. This may sound crazy to you, but I have tried just about every narcotic pain medicine, narcotic/non-narcotic patch, mucle relaxer, and non-narcotic pain medicine and I found Suboxone 8mg sublingual films twice a day help the most. It even helps me have a bit more energy than I would without it. If you don’t have insurance it can get expensive. Mine doesn’t cover the Dr. Visits, but it does the medicine. It has been such a relief and lifesaver for me. I know there is negativity surrounding the drug in most people’s eyes as well as Dr.’s eyes, but IDC because it is an amazing drug that has helped me have somewhat of a life again. Good luck on your journey. Mine stated a year and a half or so ago and I feel like I am still just where I started then. (Medically speaking.)

    • 49er Bryan November 7, 2014 at 11:51 pm #

      Thanks I will look into it. Have a better day. Thanks for sharing.

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