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Sorry Lack Of Posts

18 Jun




Be Back Soon…

Hey fellow Lyme Warriors how are you? Sorry I have been missing for a while. I am just dealing with a lot of personal issues with my life, love, my health and it is just overwhelming. The one thing I wanted to happen so bad may never happen so my heart is hurting. I have been sicker and not much to write about. Just a lot of bad luck and struggles for every little thing I do. I am trying to stay positive since I am an optimist but when life just keeps kicking you when you are down it’s hard to smile. All of my closest, best friends are struggling also and we are all depressed so I wish I could help them all. I will bounce back, I am resilient but it will take some time.

I found a place to do my Ketamine infusions but it is 22 total infusions for $11,000 and you have to do all or nothing. I only wanted 2-4 infusions since I hear they stop working after a few infusions. I increased my Morphine to 75mg twice a day instead of 60mg three times a day since the dose at night keeps me awake more than my usual insomnia. I am still doing the Buhner protocol but I dropped the Red Root and I am adding some kind of Salvia dropper. Nothing is making me feel any difference. Still working on getting a used oxygen concentrator since Medicare refuses to help.

My IVIG infusions are going smoother and less headaches and no bad reaction like the first one. But they are $500 each infusion. I need to get blood work but my last blood draw I passed out and scared the poor girl taking my blood. I never pass out so that was a first. I also am too dehydrated lately and my veins collapse easy. The 100-108 degree heat wasn’t too fun a couple of weeks ago. Not a fan of summer since it makes me feel worse with my lyme and vitamin d issues.

I hope you all are healing and finding better days. Never give up and always keep hope alive. I wish you all well. I may not be able to reply to any comments so if I do not I am not ignoring anyone. Thank you and stay strong.








Visit To LLMD (GMA) & IVIG Infusion

6 Jun

IVIG day 2


Visit To LLMD (GMA) & IVIG Infusion

I had my IVIG (human plasma) infusion om Tuesday evening.  The infusion time was only about 3 hours. The issue was that I was severely dehydrated so my veins were collapsing.  With each poke I could feel the tube of the IV burning inside my veins and my vein was gripping on the tube. It took 7 pokes/needles and about 8 glasses of water, electrolyte water, juice to hydrate just enough for the vein to work. I started to get a headache about an hour in but I took some extra norco and Ibuprofen 800 which seemed to help. Before the IV I took 30mg of Norco, 60 mg of Morphine, 50mg Benadryl and Claratin. This infusion went pretty good and no bad reaction. That night I did have more sweating that usual and I was exhausted so I sleep decent. I’m still a little worn down but that may be because doing the IV on Tues and driving all the way to Santa Rosa on Thursday.


LLMD Visit

The LLMD visit went well. It was just a face to face visit so I can continue to get my MS Contin. Every 3 moths you have to show your face to get certain pain killers. We deleted Red Root from my Buhner protocol and added Sativa. She thinks my Babesia is still really bad. I have low testosterone so I will be starting a cream. We also upped my dose of morphine to 75mg from 60mg . As for Lyme still not much we can do. I will be trying to get Ketamine infusions soon if things go well. UCD was being rude and doesn’t like outsiders so I cannot go there. I am still exhausted so I might be leaving out details but that was about all I can remember.


Hope you all have been having better days. I am rally stressed lately in my personal life as well as health life. so I have been quiet. I hope things work out for the best.