PCP Visit Part 2 – Help For Reader

26 Nov


PCP Visit Part 2

After the overwhelming responses to my PCP visit post I decided to add a little more to this post. I had so many lymies share the same situation as mine yesterday which is why I shared this part of lyme life. I want to get the word out publicly without actually slandering the doctor but mentioning what we lymies have to go through just to get regular care by a doctor. It’s a struggle and very frustrating to not be believed, be called a druggie and have doctors turn their backs on us because they kiss the IDSA’s ass.

To clear some things up from yesterdays post: The medical building I spoke of is Sutter Medical. I have been to Kaiser, Sutter, Free Clinics, Private Practice doctors and all with the same results….no help/ no belief in lyme in Ca. I do have 2 different LLMDs in different cities and a few specialists that do take care of me and believe in my lyme. My neuro, neuro surgeon and evil witch PCP believe in my lyme so I there are decent doctors out there just maybe 1 in every 20 (lol).It’s just my LLMDs and specialists can’t help with all my other illnesses and non-lyme stuff so I still need a caring PCP. Every ER visit they say “who is your PCP and why don’t they mention lyme”. Luckily my evil PCP wrote lyme in my records so the ER is much nicer now.

So I don’t get why this new PCP who refused to take me as a patient would not believe what his own colleagues in his medical building would say about my lyme. He refused to listen and I told him they grew actual spiros in my blood so this is not a false positive and this is not your POS western blot test. Then I explained to him how the western blot works and is inaccurate as he was telling me he only believes test he runs. He also did not believe what the ER doctor told me about my dehydration and flare up. I trust the ER doc more than this idiot.

I was tempted to call today and file a complaint and tell the medical office I am not paying for yesterdays visit. But then I thought this doctor can black list me, stop my meds and ruin all my years of hard work to get meds and doctors.


Help For Reader

Followers of this blog: Please take time to look at my comments HERE at poor Theresa Lee’s comment to me, it hurts to see someone ready to take their own life because nobody is willing to help. I hear you Theresa and I hope you will talk with some fellow lymies so you won’t have to feel this way. I would love to help but after dealing with many suicides this past year (close family member, my girlfriend, many friends) I have to take a break for myself. Sorry to put your name on here like this but I am trying to let you know I see you and feel you and you are not alone. Hugs to you Theresa stay strong, don’t give up hope and please never give up.















One Response to “PCP Visit Part 2 – Help For Reader”

  1. Sonya Rose December 21, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    I am really sorry for your losses and now your latest loss of your LLMD. If that happened to me, I would seriously be in big trouble. My doctor really believes he can help me to normalcy again.

    Big Hugs to Theresa, too. May the Angels hold her tight and dry her tears. I really hope and pray a strong light will come shining through…

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