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Heavy Metal/Toxic Metal Testing (IV) & Butrans 15mcg

10 Oct

IV arm


Heavy Metal/Toxic Metal Testing (IV) & Butrans 15mcg

Yesterday I visited my newer LLMD for a heavy metal urine test. They are testing my body for any toxic metals that may be inside me such as mercury.  I was supposed to have this test years ago but this one is different than my other LLMD had. I used to work with metal and as a carpenter I would cut would that contained arsenic that I inhaled that made me feel sick. At that job they didn’t care about safety so I would inhale it and get stomach cramps and feel faint. So I may have some high metal levels.

So the test is 6 hours of urine collection. They give you 5-6 pills and 2 different meds injected in an IV to draw out the metals. The meds they gave me made my urine smell like sulfur. I worked in a refinery so I smelled a lot of sulfur when the trucks came to fill up their tanks, yuck.

So I sit down in the IV therapy room in the chair and the nurse explained to me how it all works. She explained to me how there are side effects that “only 10% of people get” and she swore to me I would not have any problems from the IV/Pills. I swore to her I always get side effects and I would be the 10%. The side effects are an allergic reaction which causes “fevers, chills, headaches…” which we already have with lyme anyway. She said if I got an allergic reaction it would show up between 6-8pm.

Well with my luck I got the allergic reaction to the IV/pills at around 6:30 pm (IV was at 2pm). I started with a fever then had the chills really bad and my hands were cold as ice. Then my usual daily pain (9-10 on the pain scale) became a 12. I was hurting so bad even my soft chair and bed felt like I was laying on a hard jagged surface. I felt like my flu like symptoms with lyme were going crazy.

I am still in more pain than usual. The fever and chills are gone but I still feel extra sick. I took 50mg of benadryl and tylenol to help with the reaction. I will never do that test again. The pain was so bad I cried pretty much all night and day and I am used to severe pain. It must have made my lyme mad my bones, muscles, joints, arthritis…every part of me hurt more than usual and I didn’t know that was possible.

It will be 3-4 weeks before I get the results.


butrans 15

After being out of my Butrans pain patch for 2 weeks thanks to my PCP I finally got my 15mcg in today. CVS, Walgreens don’t carry them so Walmart had to order them. There was a back and forth battle with insurance, the doctors, pharmacy to get them. I guess it’s a really high dose and not a common thing.

I don’t feel any big difference with these patches. They said I would but it makes me feel maybe 5-10% better as far as pain goes. For me there is no “high” or “loopy/feel good” feelings I really don’t notice I have it on. I’ve been on 5mcg and 10 mcg for a couple months now. I wish some pain killer would help but for now my 30 mg of Norco a day and Butrans 15 take the edge off.



Hope all you lyme warriors are hanging in there and finding better days.





Don’t Give Up!

2 Oct

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Don’t Give Up

I wanted to take time to post a positive message to all my followers. I know many of you are suffering and having a hard time dealing with your Lyme or disability right now. Maybe this post will help someone. It’s a virtual hug.

I know your life is not what you expected and your quality of life is bad but you are alive. I have watched some friends on Instagram with stage 3-4 cancer fight for their lives everyday and they still posted inspiring pictures and messages of hope and smiled. Find those tiny moments in each day that bring you a happy memory, a smile, a laugh…etc. Don’t let life pass you by being angry at your illness.

You wouldn’t believe how many people have come to me telling me they attempted or were going to attempt suicide. It’s heartbreaking that some of us Lymies have nobody in our corner, not even a doctor. Lyme is very lonely and painful (I can go on) but you only get one life so live it and make the best with what you have.  Never ever give up and always smile at least once a day. Remain hopeful and try to stay positive things will get better. I’m thinking of all you Lyme warriors out there, stay strong!

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