PCP Follow-Up

27 Aug

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat


PCP Follow-Up


Went for my monthly PCP follow-up today. The doctor seemed grouchy and forgot everything we talked about last month. The purpose of the visit was to up my Butrans patch dose to 10 mcg from the 5 mcg I was taking. I got the patch and a new nausea/digestive med.

I mentioned again how every night after I eat dinner I want to vomit. I told her MMJ helps with that and I wanted marinol but she prescribed me Reglan instead. She said it sounds like my digestive system is slow and this med should help.

I also had blood work and so far my CBC results came back already. My results looked good except for the two I posted below were high/low.  Nothing much else to report tonight.

Neutrophil % 49.0-74.0 % 75 H
Lymphocyte % 26.0-46.0 % 17 L

One Response to “PCP Follow-Up”

  1. Branwen November 4, 2013 at 1:45 pm #

    My WBC’s are ALWAYS like this…low lymphocytes, and high neutrophils. I have had Lyme Disease for a very long time, but just found out I had it this past June 2013. Our bodies are fighting for us. Mine has been fighting for so long that I now have bone marrow abnormalities. There are some herbs that will bring the white blood cells up and boost immunity. “Boneset” is one of them.

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