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PCP Follow-Up

27 Aug

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PCP Follow-Up


Went for my monthly PCP follow-up today. The doctor seemed grouchy and forgot everything we talked about last month. The purpose of the visit was to up my Butrans patch dose to 10 mcg from the 5 mcg I was taking. I got the patch and a new nausea/digestive med.

I mentioned again how every night after I eat dinner I want to vomit. I told her MMJ helps with that and I wanted marinol but she prescribed me Reglan instead. She said it sounds like my digestive system is slow and this med should help.

I also had blood work and so far my CBC results came back already. My results looked good except for the two I posted below were high/low.  Nothing much else to report tonight.

Neutrophil % 49.0-74.0 % 75 H
Lymphocyte % 26.0-46.0 % 17 L

Quick Update: Butrans

7 Aug




Quick Update


So far being on the Butrans Pain Patch 5 mcg/Hour hasn’t helped any.  I am starting on the lowest dose and working my way up to 20 mcg in a couple months. I am still having to take my normal amount of pain killers (norco) which for me is 25 mg per day. I am on my second patch or week 2 of the monthly dose.

What I have noticed since starting the patch was I feel even more exhausted than usual and I was actually falling asleep around 2-3am and sleeping at least 4 hours, 2 hours uninterrupted. So I was happy to finally get some sleep for once. I just always have no energy at all from the CFS so feeling even more exhausted isn’t the greatest feeling. So it’s a good and bad thing I guess.

The maintenance dose of Doxycycline (200 mg per day) hasn’t been helping so far and there is no herxing. I don’t miss herxing but at least I felt the meds were doing there job when there was a herx after taking them.

My C-Spine is acting up again and I can feel the herniated discs pinching on a nerve. It makes it difficult to lay my head on my pillow at night because no matter which way I lay it pinches. Th pain meds don’t seem to help at all with the pain from the nerve being pinched.

I will be getting my medical marijuana card (mmj) real soon and trying some mmj products to see if they help much. I have had at least 5 doctors highly recommend medical marijuana and I have been smoking it but I haven’t tried many of the different strains they offer at the shops for different symptoms. So it’s worth a shot.


I hope all of my spoonie/lyme friends are having some healing and progress. If you are struggling and feel like giving up, don’t give up the fight there are better days ahead you just have to get to them. Stay strong and keep fighting don’t let the bugs win. Best wishes to all.