UCSF Pain Management Referral Appointment

11 Jul


UCSF Pain Management Appointment


After my visit to the Neuro Surgeon last month or so the doctor said he would refer me to UCSF for a “meeting of the minds” (a few doctors will see me all at once at the same appointment). The Neuro Surgeon was the first non-Lyme doctor to believe in my lyme and he said doing surgery wouldn’t help all my spinal issues and that I needed more help.

My appointment is on Monday in the pain management building. I believe this appointment is for the 3 doctors to ask a lot of questions and read my records and hopefully figure out some kind of diagnoses and prescriptions to help with my pain. It better not be a “we don’t believe in lyme go do yoga and get off the pain meds appointment”. I was told they will try to diagnose what else is wrong with me besides lyme, CFS, lupus, fibo…etc.

It feels good to have a doctor who takes my serious and actually referred me to some better doctors. I will try to update but I have been so sick lately it’s hard to keep up.


Keep up the fight and never give up!





One Response to “UCSF Pain Management Referral Appointment”

  1. Connie October 18, 2017 at 11:41 am #

    I was lucky enough to have an LLMD that could prescribe the pain meds I needed to make my pain from chronic Lyme bearable. Unfortunately, I can no longer afford to see him. Now I’m faced with finding a pain management doctor that will accept my insurance, and will work with me… as i am now bedridden. With the current “opioid crisis”, states are making it almost impossible for suffering patients to have any quality of life. I will not be surprised to see suicide rates skyrocket in the chronic pain community as these patients are left without options that can give some relief from the unbearable suffering.

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