Lyme And Fibro Flare

29 Oct



Lyme And Fibro Flare

My body is in a tug-of-war between my Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia (FMS) both flaring up at the same time. Some say you cannot have Fibro and Lyme together but you can. I know many are misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia and they really have Lyme disease and not Fibromyalgia so it can be confusing. You will know if you have both Fibro and Lyme since there are differences.

Doctors like to tell everyone they have Fibromyalgia if they don’t know what is wrong with them. It is a general term which basically means chronic wide spread pain. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is used when they diagnose the condition. I’m not great at explaining things with my Lyme brain so just pretend this sounded very scientific and smart.

To get an accurate diagnoses of Fibromyalgia you should see numerous doctors and get different opinions. I went to a rheumatologist (recommended), neurologist , Primary Doctor and a Movement Disorder Specialist. You can even go to an Endocrinologist and rule out thyroid issues and other issues before hand. Most likely if you have Fibro or Lyme you will have a thyroid issue and low Vitamin D levels. Get blood work and many panels because I found so many issues I would have never even thought to check.

I had all the pressure points of Fibromyalgia and every symptom which again many are the same as Lyme disease symptoms. My primary first diagnosed me with FMS, then two different rheums, a neuro and then a movement disorder doctor. At that time I knew I had many more symptoms than just Fibro but my Rheum refused to listen or care. I was diagnosed with Lyme and tick-borne diseases a year later.

It is hard to explain the differences in the Lyme and Fibro flare. I think the Lyme is more angry and in the brain at times (migraines daily, pressure, pain) and the Fibro seems to feel like someone is poking a fire poker in all the pressure points non-stop. They Fibro also seems to make the muscles in my case hurt worse than the Lyme flare or just daily bad day does. Of course there are 100’s of symptoms but they are all much worse than a normal bad day of pain, fatigue…etc.

The common factor tat realy set my 30 year Lyme and co’s off and my recently diagnosed (3 years old) Fibro was Stress! I was working as a higher up manager for a major retail chain/pharmacy and trying to keep a 2 million dollar profit coming in. I had been injured at work two times in the same month my stress was at an all time high since the CEO’s were coming for visits.

At no fault of mine a contractor dropped about 600 lbs of totes full of liquor on top of me. I was trapped under the pile and tweaked my leg. Being the model employee I never told anyone (my mistake) but basically at my job if you get hurt you get fired.

The next week an employee dropped heavy totes on me knocking me backwards kinking my back and my neck. Again I pretended it never happened although it did hurt for weeks I was tough and shook it off. I wish I would have filed for workers comp but I was dedicated and loyal although the company could care less that I got sick and went out disabled.

So the combination of stress and two back-to-back injuries set the Fibro and Lyme into a rage in my body and that is when I became disabled. It hit me hard and I was bedridden for weeks and could barely talk. Nearly 4 years later and now I am able to walk around the house and get out 1-2 times a year.

So even though a few people have been rude and yell at me saying “you don’t have Fibro” I know I do. I am in Fibro support groups and they are so much different than Lyme support groups. I can tell the subtle differences in Fibro and Lyme symptoms. So yeah they are both painful and a living nightmare. With both of them came Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which is another horrible thing to have and another story for another time.

Worpress is acting up and deleted some things I am writing so I hope it makes sense. Hope everyone is sleeping or having a better night. Take care


3 Responses to “Lyme And Fibro Flare”

  1. Marie Sprowl November 9, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

    I have CFS, Fibro, EBV, MTHFR, Narcolepsy and just became Lyme negative after 1 yr of abx tx, currently 3 months off abx. I also had RMSF and Typhus w my recent Lyme. I had past cases of Bartonella, and Borrellia Hermsii both never dx or tx but cleared on their own. Possibly from essential oils that I’d been using for 20 yrs on a daily basis.

  2. amanda January 16, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    I have chronic lyme, fibro and epstein(chronic fatigue) I first had lyme when i was 3. we found out when i went down for a nap and couldnt walk when i woke up my rash was uncommon so that made it hard. needless to say that was a ride dealing with that but then as a child i was mainly helathy until i was a young teen around 13years old and that when my life changed for ever! I ended up bed ridden with no answers from doctors and i went to a bunch, now all i can do is treat the systems which is easier said then done which any one with theses issues knows. i am only 26 years old. everyday is a struggle but i try to remember that i have had worse days but the fear of a bad relapse is always there. especially since from hour to hour things wit h my body can change and having issues like these are not a easy thing to convey to others or understand yourself and then add the other little parts and things that happen to you when dealing with this that it is and can be very scray difficult and so much more but my point to this is there are people and places where you can rescources to help tell your doctor or family a little more easily about what going on. there is a site called patients like me and you can talk to others and track your condition and so much more. but one key to the these horrible issues is just when you feel good you dont give up on taking care of yourself and yes other people will make it seem like it is easy to eat right or do what what you should but try to do that with these peoblems.Some things meds can fix some things a dr can but there are things that a person who has chronic health issues have to deal with that other people dont so yeah a lot of times we r different or cant do something things other can but thats ok some things you have to face and its not easy every so ofter i go back on the hunt to figure my health out see what really is going on and what i can do and for me and others it becomes very overwhelming especially when i no longer have health care but i find having some control over your condition in some way in any way really helps a bit.

    • 49erBry January 17, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

      Thank you for sharing your story. Sorry you have lyme. You have no medical insurance? Does your county offer insurance? I used to have CMSP from the county and MediCaid (MediCal). Hope you progress and get back to a somewhat normal life. I use Instagram I have a huge support group there but I will check out the web site you mentioned thanks.

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