Blood Lab For Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Pneumoniae

27 Sep



Blood Lab

Today I went to the blood lab finally. I went to the lab last Thursday but the Phlebotomist couldn’t figure out which chlamydia pneumoniae or which of the Mycoplasma panel I needed. They most likely thought I had an STD (lol) and would not take my word that it was for pneumoniae. I also had a CBC, Thyroid and Lupus panel. I have issue with all of these except Lupus but now my LLMD suspects I have Lupus. I have had other doctors think I have it also since it runs in my family.

Luckily there was nobody in the waiting room at the lab and I was in and out in 15 minutes. The phlebotomist took 7 – large vials of blood. I usually get about 5 vials each month or two. I have had more than 7 vials taken out in the past but I felt really drained today from 7. My dad told me he gets only 2 – small vials taken at the most when he goes.

As the lady was taking my blood I thought about this movie clip below from “The Thing 1982 Version”. This is how Lyme makes me feel sometimes, like I am some alien full of bad blood.

(Warning: foul language)




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