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Blood Lab For Mycoplasma and Chlamydia Pneumoniae

27 Sep



Blood Lab

Today I went to the blood lab finally. I went to the lab last Thursday but the Phlebotomist couldn’t figure out which chlamydia pneumoniae or which of the Mycoplasma panel I needed. They most likely thought I had an STD (lol) and would not take my word that it was for pneumoniae. I also had a CBC, Thyroid and Lupus panel. I have issue with all of these except Lupus but now my LLMD suspects I have Lupus. I have had other doctors think I have it also since it runs in my family.

Luckily there was nobody in the waiting room at the lab and I was in and out in 15 minutes. The phlebotomist took 7 – large vials of blood. I usually get about 5 vials each month or two. I have had more than 7 vials taken out in the past but I felt really drained today from 7. My dad told me he gets only 2 – small vials taken at the most when he goes.

As the lady was taking my blood I thought about this movie clip below from “The Thing 1982 Version”. This is how Lyme makes me feel sometimes, like I am some alien full of bad blood.

(Warning: foul language)




My Current Med Prices Using Medicare

17 Sep


My Current Med Prices On Medicare

This is my first month on Medicare (yay fianlly!) so I thought I would share some of my costs for medication. I have a higher-priced Blue Shield of California PDP (Part D, Prescription Drug Plan). As you may or may not know when you get social security disability you get Medicare within 2 years. You will then need to choose if you want to keep or upgrade your Original Medicare and you will need to pick a prescription plan most likely (which is not automatically included).

Everyone is different and have different situations but for me I am single, no other insurance, and do not qualify for any SSA or other prescription savings programs. So I need everything I can get. By the way you do not get Dental with Medicare unless you choose some high price insurance plan from a third party (I believe). I cannot afford Dental or a higher priced plan other than “Original Medicare”.  So for me my total cost to have and continue with Original Medicare and my Part D prescription plan are $210 a month. I guess it beats my old $625 a month Cobra plan when I had zero income for 3 years.

I chose my plan based on the pricing for Mepron since I know I will be on it again one day. Most plans want $1000 – $1500 for one bottle but with my plan I think it will cost me around $325 out of pocket. I am no Medicare expert so do your homework and try to read the packet they send you. There is a great online tool they will send you to choose through Part D plans and compare.

I rambled on sorry…. so here are my costs so far while on Medicare, hope this helps you in some way to know what to expect at the pharmacy.


My Costs (remember your cost depends on your Part D plan)


  • Clindamycin HCL 300 MG (180 qty) – $7.00 out-of-pocket
  • Suprax 400 MG (30 qty) – $75.00 out-of-pocket (I’m told they retail for $600)
  • Fluconazole 200 MG (30 qty ) – $7.00 out-of-pocket
  • Lyme Formula Memory Tonic and Meriva-500$152.00 out-of-pocket (not covered)



*I buy all my prescriptions from CVS Pharmacy and through my LLMD office.



Heart Health, Liver Detox, PreBiotic Intestinal Help & Gallbladder Cleanse

13 Sep



Heart Health, Liver Detox and PreBiotic Intestinal Help (as per Dr. Oz)

As someone with Lyme disease I cannot stress enough to those taking antibiotics that you need to detox your organs, keep your intestines healthy, and keep your hearth healthy. Lyme can cause all sorts of issues with all of the above so we need to do our part to keep these organs as healthy as possible. Follow these simple steps for each below that Dr. Oz recommends to keep you healthy. I will also include a Gallbalder cleanse for those who have Gallbladder issues.



Heart Health

Take the following daily:

  • DHA Omega 3 supplement – 600 mg (up to 1000 mg)  DHA one time per day

I take Krill Oil  and many use fish oil but Dr Oz recommends just the 600 mg of the DHA. I looked at my bottle and noticed my Krill Oil and Fish Oil are nowhere near 600 mg. You can find some DHA 600 mg if you shop around like this one HERE at Amazon. Low-dose aspirin can increase bleeding I am told so if you have health risks only take this if recommended by your doctor.

**If you want to know more about Omega 3 and DHA visit Dr. Oz’ web site HERE


Liver Detox Tonic

Take the following daily:

  • 1/4 warm water
  • Juice of 1 lemon wedge
  • 2 dashes of hot sauce

This is a morning tonic with Vitamin C and Capsaicin to help clean out the sludge clogging the liver and get things moving.

Liver Detox Foods

Take the following daily:

Bok choi
Broccoli rabe
Broccoli romanesco
Brussels sprout
Chinese broccoli
Chinese cabbage
Collard greens
Garden cress
Land cress
Mustard – seeds and leaves
Pak choi
Turnips – root and greens

Dr. Oz recommended:

Spinach (not baby)

These greens will increases the flow of bile. You can have a salad or use broccoli barely steamed, stir fried just don’t over cook them or they lose of of the good stuff.


My recommendations for organ detox:

Milk Thistle (for the liver)
Chance Piedra (for the kidneys and is known to help with kidney stones)


PreBiotic Intestinal Help

Take the following daily:

  • 2-4 servings a day of

Whole grain

I’m sure there are many more but I am too exhausted to find them. These were the main foods recommended by Dr. Oz. These foods will feed your gut and intestines and work well with your probiotics. Probiotics are VERY important while on antibiotics to help you from having issues such as C-Diff. If you want to stay out of the bathroom and have less stomach pains then please keep up with your pre and probiotic. I recommend VSL#3 for your probiotic and do not skip taking it or you will be sorry. I had the start of C-Diff and it was horrible.



Gallbladder Cleanse

For those of you having gallbladder issues you may want to try this. I hear it works great and has helped many friends with Lyme. This is not my recipe and I have not tried it since my gallbladder is fine for now. Many who use IV meds such as Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) will have gallbladder issues and possibly need their gallbladder removed so this is the step before removal.


The Cleanse

Drink 2-3 glasses of apple juice every day for at least one week before doing the flush.  Or take malic acid every day for at least one week.  The malic acid helps to soften any gallstones that may be present, making it easier to pass them during the flush.

  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup apple juice, organic
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 whole organic lemon, cut into pieces, with skin

Blend all together.  Drink.  30 to 60 minutes after drinking the lemon, oil, apple juice and water mixture, mix 1 tablespoon of Epson salts in 1 cup of water and drink it.  May repeat the Epson salt drink up to 4 times, if desired.

Feedback from a reader:

I did the oz cleanse. Now am in the hosp waiting to have my gallblader taken out. Apparently the smoothies overstimulate . My pancreatic enzymes skyrocketed. I never, ever had been in so much pain.



* You may want to ask your doctor before doing the cleanse but I hear it is virtually painless and there are no side-effects. Good luck!


LLMD Visit Today – New Treatment

11 Sep



LLMD Visit – New Treatment For Sept – Nov

Had to be up early which is about my usual bedtime and take a long car ride to see my LLMD today. We sat and discussed a few things that have been getting worse for me lately. The first thing was my severe night sweats which we had discussed before. The second being my male part having a candida outbreak a few months ago and the third was my brain which is getting worse each month. We also talked about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and many other issues.


All of those I mentioned above my doctor and have talked about nearly 2 years ago. The issues above have been getting worse so I brought them up again. I know many people who have nearly recovered from Babesia yet mine seems to get worse. I believe I have the strain which is harder to kill. After 1000’s of mosquito bites in one day and numerous tick bites I could have different strains of Babesia in my body.

Babesia is what is causing my night sweats which continually soak my bed daily. It makes it hard to get what little sleep I can without getting the chills from the moisture and not sticking to my sheets. I will be taking a new antibiotic for Babesia and stopping the herbal tinctures such as A-bab and Cryptolepis for now. I have already did my share of Mepron and Malarone. I will list the new abx below.

Genital Candida Outbreak

Yes this was/is as horrible as it sounds. I will not go into detail but believe me there was/is a lot of pain, discomfort and bleeding. The genital candida can look and act like genital herpes but remember Lyme can cause all sorts of herpes in your body. I have not had sex in forever so I knew I could rule that out and had a good idea it was yeast/candida from all the antibiotics I have been taking. The problem was I lost my insurance 2 days before the outbreak occurred and I couldn’t see my LLMD for 2 months after.

I treated the outbreak with various ointments and Nystatin cream. I can share that my manhood looked like a dogs chew toy and this was not fun to deal with on top of everything else. I am back to normal and about 98% healed. I will be taking some pill and rubbing a new cream on daily for the next month. I will list those below.

Cognitive Problems

I have been feeling like I am getting Alzheimer’s lately. I have had the cognitive problems for years but recently my dyslexia started getting even more jumbled and my memory is worse. I have also been having more trouble finding words to say and all of the usual brain issues. This is said to be caused by inflammation of the brain and poor blood circulation. I was given a new tincture and pill which I will share below.


We also talked about my arthritis getting worse but my LLMD does not write my prescriptions for my pain pills so there is not much he can do. He just recommended some anti-inflammatories. I am getting so stiff it is hard to walk. The arthritis is pretty much all over my body.


Blood Labs

I am getting my usual blood work done to check my organs but I am also checking for Mycoplasma and Chlamydophila Pneumoniae. I suspect I have both since I did nearly die from pneumonia and have had some lung issues. After listening to my lungs today the doctor order these tests which makes me think he suspects I have them also. The will also be checking my Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA) which we have tested for many times in the past. Maybe he thinks I have Lupus again? Lupus does run in my family and I thought I had Lupus before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Lyme….etc. (CBC, CMP 14, Thyroid, Myco, Chlamydia)


My New Treatment

Ketoconazole 2% (apply to Candida area)

Clindamycin 300mg (2 pills 3x daily for Babesia)

Suprax 400mg (1 pill daily)

Meriva 500 (2 pills twice a day)

Fluconazole 200mg (1 pill per day)

Folapro (MTHFR)

Glutathione (MTHFR)

VSL#3 (continue to keep from getting C-Diff)

Florastor (probiotic to help with abx)

*I will continue to take Milk Thistle, Chanca Piedra (which are both important for cleaning out the liver/kidneys), Krill Oil, Vit B-Complex, Vit C, Artemisinin, Vit B12, and a few other supplements.