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18 Jul


Help support Inanna House and get funded to get help for many chronic Lyme sufferers. The goal is to reach to $20,000 and there are only 45 days left. You can visit their web site at the link below and read below for more details about Inanna House.

Inanna House: An Inpatient, Residential, Holistic Recovery Center for Chronic Lyme Disease sufferers.

Click HERE to help fund Inanna House, get more details and watch a video


Visit the Inanna House homepage HERE



Why Inanna House??

Many people have been wondering why I have been so persistant and passionately dedicated these past few month to help raise funds for Inanna House, but the answer is SO simple to me:

For the past 5 years I’ve both experienced and been witness to countless acts of unimaginable suffering, loss, fearful uncertainty, and utter despair from the lack of resources, financial support, and understanding within the Medical Community and beyond for the millions of people diagnosed wth Chronic Lyme Disease.

It has been an experience I pray none of you will ever know, as the sheer magnitude of it is enough to literally break someone’s soul and have them lose faith in humanity itself…I know because it almost happened to me.

When I found Inanna House,however, and felt the sincere wamth and infallible integrity from its founders, I simply knew that there was an answer; a vision I could hold onto for dear life – one that could grant me the courage to fiercely fight to see it built, as it would not only restore my faith, but it would also PREVENT all of us diagnosed with this condition from losing theirs. And, like I said before, that is everything I could ever wish for.

My Sincerest Thanks,

Sarah Lamando

PS. My video may be a little choppy, but to get a REAL laugh, check out my “blooper reel” in the “Gallery” Section above! : )


Highlights of The Vision for Inanna House

*The intention of Inanna House is to create numerous centers around the world as millions are in need of help. Here are some highlights of what each of these centers (the first to be built in Sonoma County, California) will provide:

  • A Retreat Style Center with 24 Private Rooms with Baths for In-patient stay, built on 14-15 Acres of viable land.
  • 24 Hour Care and monitoring as patients undergo individualized treatment plans, incorporating all worlds of medicine to acheive optimal re-integration and healing, which would address each aspect of the individual: Mind, Body, and Sprit. 
  • The Center will incorporate Green Energy to make it as self-sustainable as possible. (Good for the Environment, and lowers overhead costs, and thus, in turn, patient fees – now, that’s what I call a win/win situation : )
  • An In-House Organic Garden big enough to feed all residents and provide patients with a necessary “Clean, Alkaline Diet” to aid them in their recovery.
  • A $20 Million Dollar Endowment Fund for individuals who can’t pay for treatment but desperately need it. (Not Kidding…)
  • Fees that are on a sliding scale basis, and a “Give Back” Program so that those who have received treatment and recovered have the opportunity to come back and help give patients who are currently being treated hope, guidance, and support. (Trust me, only Lyme Patients would be thrilled to have this opportunity. Why? Because they desperately wish they had someone to guide them through their own battle to recovery.)
  • A Program specifically designed to help care-takers understand exactly what their loved ones are going through, and how Lyme disease and its co-infections are effecting them. This program will also give specific instructions so that care-takers will also know how they can help their loved ones recover. 

* To learn more about what other amazing features and specific therapies the center intends on offering, please visit their website at:

Sounds Amazing! Right? Here’s why they just need a little help to get things started…

The creation of Inanna House has been a labor of love, filled with blessed intention, and people determined to see it through the end. Their integrity and vision will NOT be comprised, and in an effort ensure that, they have been reaching out to the Lyme Community for help with certain aspects pertaining to the legal matters that would help get Inanna House off the ground and running as a Nationwide Non-Profit Organization with blueprints and budget projectories in-hand to present to willing investors.

However, anyone who has Chronic Lyme Disease will tell you that even with the best of intentions and a sincere determination to help, often times their illness simply overcomes them and they are unable to perform the duties they so very much had wanted to.

In a nutshell, they’ve had a couple unforseen setbacks, and are in need of monetary contributions to enable them to do the following:

  • They need to get their logo copyrighted to prevent any kind of fraud or impersonation:

Estimated Cost: $850

  • Inanna House is considered a non-profit establishment, but not yet a 501(c)(3). To move further in their fundraising endeavors, and to allow for donations of a larger size, they must obtain this. They need to hire an accountant to draw up a budget, and a lawyer to make sure that Inanna House is in compliance with all laws that pertain to becoming a Non-Profit Organization:

Estimated Cost:$3,000

  • They need to have the blueprints for the vision for their center drawn up and approved, as this will help them in future fundraising endeavors, as well as in presentations to foundations and investors: 

Estimated Cost: $3,000

Estimated Cost for Presentation Preparation: $5,000

  • Thus far, ALL of the work that has been put into creating this organization has been lovingly done by either Sara Donnelly or Mara Williams herself. With the expansion of their vision, and more and more people wanting to become involved, it would be impossilble for them to continue their work alone. In order to ensure that every question about this Center is answered, and every future marketing and/or fundraising event is upheld, they desperately need to hire more personnel.

Estimated Cost: $2,000/Month

  • To expand the awareness of Inanna House and their unique vision, they need to hire a Publicist/Marketer to publicize, organize, and help find connections.

Estimated Cost: $3,000/Month

  • This Publicist/Marketer will most definitely be in need of marketing material and promotional products from Inanna House:

Estimated Cost: $2,000

The Total Estimated Cost to Keep the Vision For Inanna House Alive for the Next Year is: $73,850…

The LEAST I could do was try and help them get $20,000, as it would literally give them their wings so that they have a fighting start to move ahead with their amazing vision for the next quarter. 

I’m a FIRM believer in the “Divide and Conquer” method, and I KNOW there are enough people out there to make this happen. I’m not asking for HUGE monetary contributions, in fact I’d rather not. Just a little from a LOT of like-minded people, and we’re there! So please, take a look at our AWESOME perks, contribute if you can, and make some noise by using the Indiegogo Share Tools to get the word out if you can’t. That’s it!



2 Responses to “Help Inanna House Get Funded – Indiegogo”

  1. Sarah Lamando August 5, 2012 at 3:56 am #

    Thank you so much for spreading the awareness of our amazing campaign : )
    All My Best,
    Sarah : )

    • 49erBry August 6, 2012 at 12:32 am #

      You’re welcome, good luck to you.

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