Shame On You Late Night Infomercials!

16 Jul



Late Night Thieves!


I was watching some infomercials last night and one actually caught my attention. I know these late night products are too good to be true but I though this one was different. This infomercial was for “My Pillow”. Sounded like it can really be useful to us who suffer. What’s the catch?

So this My Pillow “guarantees a great nights rest and REM”. Of course they said it can help with bad necks, snoring, heat/sweat, TMJ, chronic pain…etc. Lymies have all of these issues. I was thinking “man would I love to get a solid rest and wake up without a stiff neck or headache”. Thought maybe my pillow was too flat or not right even though it is the only pillow I can at least try to sleep on, the others hurt my herniated discs.

So I went to Amazon to see how much this pillow was. I figured it was the usual “buy one get one for $19.99 and a bonus item for free”! Boy was I wrong, this pillow costs $80.00! On the commercial they had people claiming how it helped them and one lady was in tears because of how it helped her chronic pain. They acted like this pillow was cheaper than the one you are sleeping on and does so much more. They even had a “doctor” explain how this pillow is so great for the head, nerves and neck.

So I read the reviews on Amazon since I am always the skeptic. Almost every real review from a real person gave it 0-1 stars. They said it was a “lumpy, noisy, stinky piece of crap” and some even threw it away. The fake reviews from paid people said it was “amazing” of course. You can spot the real from the fake reviews they are obvious.

With Lyme we have chemical sensitivity and this pillow is said to “smell like fresh carpet or a strong smell of chemicals that gives headaches”, strike one. It snaps and cracks making noise and a Lymies ears are really sensitive, there’s strike two. It does not keep the head cool as claimed, strike three! I think the My Pillow maker just wants more money for his cigarettes, have you ever heard him talk or breathe? Yet he claims “he wants to help people with their health”, yeah right buddy.

Right after this product aired another product was up for sale. This massager thingy guaranteed to help with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and the list goes on. You notice a trend? They are targeting the sick and injured and guaranteeing it works. I always thought “guarantee” means you are 99.8% sure this product works and everything claimed is true or your money back. Not the case with anything you see on TV.

What pisses me of is how they target Lyme disease on some of these infomercials. Sure go after people who are suffering and living a nightmare and have no money since nothing is covered by insurance with Lyme. From pills to drinks to devices and more all claiming they can help get your life back. If it were true our doctors would have mentioned it by now. I even saw one drink where a lady said her Lyme was cured, c’mon seriously!!

We Lymies are all looking for that one thing that may help ease just one of our symptoms and these shady people are selling their snake oil to us knowing we might take the bait. We are desperate for help so they know some of us will fall for their empty promises. Shame on you for picking on the weak and poor. Shove those products up your ass! Spend more energy on actually finding something that works instead something to rip people off with.





3 Responses to “Shame On You Late Night Infomercials!”

  1. Teodoro Pray August 13, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Enjoyed the post, I have a question, I’d like some info on the top chiro because I need the best, I wanted reviews or info on Dynamic Health & Wellness 6119 Northwest Hwy # B Crystal Lake, IL 60014 (815) 356-6388

  2. Pam August 22, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    I love mine!

  3. Marie Sprowl November 9, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    Boy, I have gone through my share of pillows. The 2 that worked best for me are a water pillow called Medi Flo, you adjust the firmness level by the amount of water you put in. The pillow is heavy if you toss and turn and try to drag the pillow with you. One side is like a regular pillow.
    My next best pillow that I currently use is a firm real Latex foam pillow. It doesn’t mush or lump and prevents neck and head pain (the water pillow did too.) I got my pillow at an odd lot discount store for $15, but it’s the same one fancy sleep stores charge $100 for. No bad odor in either pillow. The pillow comes in 3 firmness levels and it is made by

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