New Doctor And Potential Date?

14 Jul



New Doctor

So as many of you already know I am seeing a great LLMD and 2 other doctors in the same office. The drive to see this LLMD really gets to me and I get jet lag where I want to sleep for days after going on the trip. I wanted to find an LLMD that was a little closer to home.

I heard about a Lyme doctor who was only 25 minutes from my home. A short ride and not in the city… I hate cities, bridges and traffic. This would save me money and save my parents bridge toll, gas and having to drive me 3-4 hours on my appointment day.

Turns out the doctor is only a Nature path or LLNP. He is a family doctor who helps Lyme patients since there are none in this area (can you believe that) and he takes Medicare. Too good to be true. After talking with him this morning he cannot take on my case because my Lyme and co’s are too old and complicated for him.

He will take patients who were just bitten or have been bitten within a few years who are easier to treat. It seems like he doesn’t know how to help chronic/ late-stage cases. He seems like a nice guy after talking to him though. Plus he was trained by my current LLMD so he recommended I stick with him.

I am going to see a family doctor right here in my own town who believes in chronic Lyme and she is willing to help me. I cannot see her until September when my Medicare kicks in. I hope she will work with my LLMD and help get some of my medical bills covered.




Potential Date?

Recently I had a message from eHarmony saying my profile made a girl smile. Then this girl sent me the 5 questions as standard procedure on eHarmony. I saw her profile and I actually smiled because she was cute and my type. Her profile sounded great and we had a lot in common.

We sent questions and answers back and forth and as we got closer to the part where you can actually email freely and say what you want to say, I noticed this girl had not read my profile. On my profile it states “I am disabled/retired and chronically ill”. I also write how I cannot do many physical activities anymore but I can meet for dinner and a date (if I am feeling good but I have to lie a little to find love). My profile says I like to watch TV since I am usually stuck at home in my chair.

So I start reading some answers from this girl and she was writing “I hate couch potatoes, I hate lazy guys who sit around and sleep all day, I want a strong and healthy guy, you must have a job and not be a loser, must love rock climbing, I hate guys who watch too much TV….”. I was thinking is this a joke? She can see that my profile says I do all of those things yet those are the things she hates?

I figure either she just saw my picture and sent the messages and ignored reading the “about me” section on my profile. So I wrote her a nice email when we got to that point and said “hey you might have missed the part on my profile that says I am chronically ill but that means I cannot go rock climbing or be very physical outdoors as much as I would like to be. I am still a great guy with a lot of love to give if you want to give me a chance. If not I understand and no hard feelings”.

Never heard back from her. She was the first girl in a month or longer to show any interest. She is also about the 100th girl who has messaged me and got my hopes up only to never respond back to me. I seriously cannot get past the point of just messaging or texting and actually meeting in person. Seems nobody is willing to give me a chance. I understand why but there has to be 1 or 2 non-shallow girls out there who want a nice date if nothing else.

I’m not looking for a pity party here but I am just sharing the hardships of dating with Lyme or dating disabled. As I said before I have been single for 6 years or more. When I was healthy I was rarely single for more than a month. I have tried to talk to old crushes from my past and they want nothing to do with the sick me.

I am to the point where I have stopped looking and I’m just waiting for a miracle to happen but the day never comes. I am also to the point where I am like “why waste my time and energy writing a heart felt message to these girls if they delete my message and pass me by”.

I did a test just to see how many girls would respond to me messaging them last year. I would write to 10 girls per day for a week or two and wait for a response. I am never rude but only polite in my messages and I will act healthier than I am sometimes. Out of all of the messages I wrote I had zero responses.

I hear form other guys on forums and word of mouth how they had 3 dates after 2 weeks of being on the dating web sites and how their mailbox was full of messages they cannot keep up with. These guys were over weight and not the best looking guys, cheaters, druggies, no job, drunks, married guys, racists, smokers…etc. One guy told me he was just using the site for sex behind his wife’s back. Here I am single as can be, don’t drink, don’t smoke, nice guy, would never cheat and I get nothing. I am starting to think that girls like bad boys only. lol

By the way I have had my photos professionally taken before and posted on these dating sites. I have had my profile professionally written by the web site people or friends. I had my mom write my profile and she swore girls would melt. I have pretended to be healthy and that I had a job just to get some interest. Nothing works. I figured I should just be me and be honest up front because there is nothing wrong with me for who I am, I didn’t ask to be sick.

When I finally get a date I will post about it because I know any date will be fun and amazing. I know she is out there somewhere but her GPS must be broken. Hope she makes it soon because I want to be married and have a family even if I adopt or take in her kids. 🙂 It has always been my dream to have a family.








6 Responses to “New Doctor And Potential Date?”

  1. Bambi Albert July 14, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    Bry, only a naturepath? ya know thats the only way I got to remission. Oral doxy didnt work, IV didnt work, herbals did.

    • 49erBry July 14, 2012 at 6:19 am #

      Oh sorry I didn’t mean it in that way. I meant I was hoping he was an LLMD since I’m not sure a naturepath can prescribe me pain meds or abx when I need them. I am doing herbal treatment, naturepath mixed with abx. This doctor just acted like what he had to offer will not help my case. Kind of a let down. Which herbal worked best for you?

      • Bambi Albert July 14, 2012 at 6:25 am #

        through Monastery of Herbs, they have a website but only someone with a doctors credentials can order. Have he/she check out the website

  2. Bambi Albert July 14, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    oh btw, co’s must be taken care of before the lyme with these herbs

  3. Lymed Out July 14, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    don’t worry your day will come when you find your love!!! Don’t keep losing hope. i love your optimism too 🙂 have u tried

    • 49erBry July 14, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

      Thanks. 🙂 Yep, I’m on Match, eHarmony, POF, OKCupid, Dating Disabled….and one or two Lyme dating sites. No luck. I know she will come soon, I am just getting older and older and I don’t want to be a 50 year old dad with a baby. lol

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