Lyme Versus The 5 Senses

7 Jul


Lyme Versus The 5 Senses

I just had something happen to me that often happens and it made me think of posting this. I was microwaving some soup for my late night food to take my last pills of the night with. I microwaved the soup for about 2 minutes and heard the beep. I reached in and WHAM, my fingers exploded in pain and were burnt instantly. I know I sound like a wuss but let me explain in the 5 senses section below.

Since Lyme and co’s have become worse and hindered my life I noticed all of my senses have gone crazy. There are said to be more than just the 5 senses and upwards of 21 senses but I can tell you Lyme has probably messed those up also.

I used to like my food, tea, hot chocolate piping hot and fresh as a child. As of now I cannot eat or drink anything unless it is lukewarm or room temperature. This is because my mouth has become so sensitive that the slightest amount of heat and it burns my mouth and tongue. The skin will peel off for days.

I’m not talking eating right out of the hot pan but just a semi hot or really warm. This food could have been picked up at the restaurant, driven home and sat for 15 minutes yet it can still be too hot.

I noticed my dad will microwave his food for 5-8 minutes until it comes out hissing and he digs right in with no problems. I have what I call my “Lyme sensitive cooking times” so I know when food will be too hot to eat. I microwave water or food for no more than 2-3 minutes. I will do extra time if it is leftovers to kill bacteria but then I have to wait longer to eat it.

When dinner is ready at night I usually will start eating about the time everyone else is finishing their plate. I sit and blow on the food and wait until the steam stops coming off. It can be awkward since someone might think I don’t like their food but I just can’t handle the heat or the cold either. Ice Cream is another one I like to let it melt a little first and warm up.


Here Are Only The 5 Senses And How Lyme Has Affected Them


  • My skin is very sensitive to the heat and the cold. As I said above just picking up a bowl in the microwave after cooking 2 minutes and my fingers burnt.
  • At the doctor when he checks my reflexes with the rubber mallet on my knees and other joints I kick very hard barely missing the doctors face. My LLMD said he has never seen anyone so sensitive. My reflexes are beyond crazy. If I bump my knee under a table my legs will kick so high I will hurt other parts of my leg or foot from the overreaction by kicking the table.
  • I have trouble opening bottle caps, caps, jars since it hurts and I am also very weak.
  • I cannot walk barefoot outside or my feet burn. If I step on the tiniest rock while barefoot it hurts like crazy. I cannot wear flip flops they are pure torture to my feet.
  • I am very sensitive to the hot and cold weather and I either have the sweats or chills. This is also the thermo or body temp I guess.
  • I have tingling, burning skin, numb and loss of feeling in limbs.
  • The sun feels like it burns my skin within minutes of being outdoors so I stay inside.
  • I’m sure there is more but I see a blank slate….


  • My taste buds and taste are a mystery. One week I crave and eat a ton of raw jalapeños and the next they are too hot. There are long periods where a jalapeño to me tastes like nothing or just like water. Then the next week make a dish and add a little jalapeño and my eyes are tearing and I’m spitting out flames.
  • I lose craving for food I used to love and have weird cravings for foods I used to hate. It changes like the wind.
  • Everything I eat including just apple sauce will make my nose run. I don’t get it, this only used to happen when I ate spicy food.


  • Lymies can be sensitive to chemicals. This can be cologne, perfume, soaps, candles…you name it. It can keep us from getting near another person.
  • As for me I never had an issue with fish oil or krill oil and the smell. But lately when I reach in to grab one to eat I gag and run to the sink. It is so overpowering.
  • I cannot smell anything foul smelling or I will vomit and get nauseous.
  • My nose is always dry now but never used to be. It is very hard to smell the things I used to like. I can barely smell scents outside from flowers or plants. For some reason I can smell only the bad things very well and the good things just slightly.
  • I can smell rust in water. At my house I smell a little rust (we live in a new home) but while on a getaway one time at a cabin their water smelled heavily like rust. I showered and used a nice smelling body gel but all I could smell was rust on my skin for all day and night.


  • Sunglasses, I never leave home without them! I know many of you don’t either.
  • I cannot be under florescent lighting such as the ones at stores or in a garage for more than a few minutes or I get dizzy and it will burn my eyes but I wear sunglasses indoors.
  • I never leave the house but when I do I feel like a vampire and the sun is my enemy. Even with sunglasses it is too bright.
  • I get floaters, weird bright orange spots and black dots floating around.
  • I always have dry eyes.
  • I get blurry vision, motion sickness from watching something on TV moving at a weird angle, double vision, and my eyes hurt.
  • Tunnel vision.


  • I am very sensitive to sound. I avoid any places I know will be crowded and full of noise. Even at my doctors office there always seems to be one person in the waiting room breathing extra loud.
  • I can listen to music in my headphones pretty loud.
  • If there are more than 2 conversations going on in a room I can almost pick up on all of them at once. It’s annoying and it makes me very dizzy.
  • Sounds that were once loud as a child are now twice as loud and blow out my ear drums.
  • I scare very easily now from Lyme and a very quick, loud sound will make me jump 10 feet in the air.
  • There are times when my head pressure is bad that sound sounds like mumbling or muffled.

I’m sure you have many strange things that your senses do also thanks to Lyme. I thought I would share some of mine and let you know that yes Lyme can cause all of this and so can Fibromyalgia.


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