Lyme Symptoms – Literally And Figuratively

24 Jun


Literally And Figuratively

We Lyme sufferers or warriors (as many like to be called) battle through a lot of symptoms and medical issues. I often hear or see someone who is healthy trying to compare their symptoms to our symptoms. Let me just say “no they are not anywhere near the same”.

When a person with Lyme says something they usually mean literally but when a healthy person says something they mean figuratively. They often mistake the two and think you also mean figuratively.

We live in so much pain that we know a pain scale by heart and can tell you what type of pain we are having. There are times where we feel like we may not live and it is really scary but people don’t seem to get we are serious. I have often thought of writing out a Will because at times I thought I wouldn’t wake up he next day.

If you have given birth or had a jagged kidney stone stuck in your tubes for weeks then you know what pain is. This pain isn’t a paper cut type of ouch, this is a bring you to tears and yelling or grunting type of pain.

I just get tired of someone trying to compare their self to a chronically ill person as if they know what they are going through and think they are just being a baby. I see it all the time on social websites. Below are some examples I have seen.

Here are some examples:

Example 1 –

Person: Hey how are you doing?

Lymie: “not good I felt like I was dying last night it was scary, I almost went to the ER but I don’t have insurance”

Person: “Oh me too I felt like I was literally dying last night my stomach was growing because I was hungry”

(No not the same thing. The Lymie literally thought they were going to die and probably were scared and confused)

Example 2 –

Lymie: “I didn’t sleep at all last night do to insomnia I was literally up all night and I haven’t been to sleep yet”

Person: “Me too I literally couldn’t sleep at all”

(The person meant “I slept only 7 hours versus my normal 8 hours”….the Lymie meant what they said and used literally correctly)

Example 3 –

Lymie/Fibro: “I was in so much pain last night my whole body was in pain on a scale from 1-10 it was a 12, I cried all night”

Person: “I know what you mean I was in pain last night probably a 15 on the scale because I had gas pains”

(Again not even close. The Lymies pain scale meant not even an IV drip of morphine could help this pain. The person meant “I had a little tummy ache”)



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