Handicap Parking – Disabled Person Parking Placard

18 Jun

Disabled Person Parking Placard

I finally received my Disabled Person Parking Placard a month ago in the mail. This placard is supposed to be good for up to 6 months. My doctor wrote out my application for 6 months but when I received the placard it is expiring the first week of August. That gives me nearly 3 months.

So I have no idea why they didn’t give me the full period of time. I paid $6 for 6 months so I think they ripped me off (lol). For some reason my LLMD said he can only fill out the temporary placards with the DMV even though he knows I will not be feeling any better within the time it expires. Makes no sense to me.

Handicap Parking Gripe

I have always had bad knees and even had surgery one time on my knee and wished I had disabled parking back then. I thought about how when you have the card and if I go somewhere my driver doesn’t have to circle the block for 15 minutes looking for a closer spot. I also like that you have meter perks so you don’t get tickets (or so they say). “Front row parking” I thought.

We ll now that I have the placard I have tried to use it a few times when picking up prescriptions or to the doctors. Wouldn’t you know it there are never any disabled parking spots available when I go out so I end up at the far end of the parking lot.

I always see somebody who is not handicap in the spots and they do not have a card. I have even seen the police park in these spots when picking up a to-go order. One evening I went with a friend to pick up a to-go order and I told her “we will get front row parking this will be awesome”. We pulled up to the restaurant and there were 4 handicap spots all full of cars.

Only one car had the placard and the other three were there for to-go orders. They were just some healthy young lazy people taking up a spot people really need because they think they need it more. I know cities are trying to crack down on illegal handicap parking but it sure doesn’t seem like it.

So far I haven’t used the card once and don’t see the point of it if just anyone can park in the handicap spots. I have never even thought about parking in a handicap parking spot, not even when I was handicap but just missing the placard. What is wrong with people always trying to get shortcuts and cutting just to save them a few seconds.

These are probably the same people who do not bother to hold a convenience store door open for you and it slams in your face or do not bother to look at you or say “thank you” when you (the disabled person) holds a door open for them (the asshole). I mention this because this happens every time I go out.

I will go to open the door for my doctor’s office and see someone coming behind me so I hold it open for them and nod and they walk right on by as if you do not exist and the door held itself open. Then they go right ahead and cut you off in line even though you were obviously there before them. They could care less that you are limping, sweating and look like you may pass out from your illness.



2 Responses to “Handicap Parking – Disabled Person Parking Placard”

  1. thetickthatbitme June 18, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    I had the same problem with finding an available handicap spot when I was mobility impaired. (My placard also expired after 3 months even though my recovery was estimated at 6 months, and I had to get my doctor to renew it.) Have you considered complaining to the owners/managers of the businesses? Maybe they would be more invested in calling the cops on people parked illegally if they knew they were going to lose your business over it.

    • 49erBry June 19, 2012 at 12:11 am #

      I see this in many locations. I don’t have the energy to fight another fight. 🙂

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