Stiff Neck Problems

10 Jun

Stiff Neck

Today I woke up with a really bad stiff neck that runs from about half way up my neck, under my shoulder blades, across my chest and all the way down my spine. Not your typical stiff neck but it is one I am used to. I have been dealing with stiff neck issues since I was a child.

The pain has radiated where my Fibromyaglia is always the worst for me and that is in my shoulders and under my shoulder blades. Even though I always have this pain anywhere from a 6-12 on the pain scale all over my body I can feel the stiff neck pain since it is more intense with moving my neck.

I have herniated discs in C-Spine 5-7 so maybe a nerve is being pinched but usually that runs down both arms all the time. This pain is on my left side only. It runs down the left side of my neck, down the left side of my spine down to about the lower back. I have a few different patches on right now, I took 2 flexeril and 2 Norco but that does not seem to be helping take the edge off.

As a child I used to get stiff necks often and they could hit me even while walking. Sometimes it is caused by the way I sleep yet other times it just comes whenever it feels like it.

I remember one time as a kid I had a really bad stiff neck so I took a hot shower to see if it would help. I remember waking up on the floor of the shower and my parents carried me into my bed. I don’t know why it made me pass out.

My lymphs in my lower neck used to fill up and be as big as and as hard as small rubber bouncing balls. If I turned my neck I would get a shock and hear a popping sound. After that my neck would be stiff for a few days. I am not sure if this was Lyme disease related or not but ti sure sounds like it.

These current stiff necks are really annoying and painful. When I turn my head slightly it makes me eyes shut and I make a weird looking face. The stiff neck causes a headache if I turn my head too long.



One Response to “Stiff Neck Problems”

  1. Walter Voytek November 19, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    Stiff neck is mostly caused by prolonged stress on the neck. taking periodic breaks is known to prevent stiff necks. ..

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