Lyme Disease, Coinfections And Depression

30 May

“You Are Just Depressed Not Sick…”

I just finished taking an online survey for a study on Fibromyalgia patients. I was invited privately through email to participate in this study to help Fibro patients with health care. After completing the survey I feel like they were basically saying Fibro patients are angry, depressed and have anxiety attacks.

There were questions that said “rate between always or never to the following questions”. The same questions just kept repeating but not in the same order over and over. Examples; “do you feel worthless”, “do you get angry”, “do you hold a grudge for hours”, “do you have anxiety even while relaxing”. There were maybe two questions relating to pain and Fibro fog.

This just made me feel as if yet again someone was blaming depression on why we feel sick. The survey made me feel as if the company conducting the study thinks that we only have a few symptoms which make us look crazy and depressed.

The same can be said with Lyme disease and coinfections. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say “well if you think positive and be happy you will be cured”. I had a discussion on this on Twitter yesterday. Is that a nice way of saying “you are not sick but only depressed”? When will they realize we are depressed because we are sick!

Many of us have had a drastic lifestyle change and a lot of different issues once this disease had disabled us. For me, I lost my job, lost my car, went bankrupt, lost my savings and moved back in with my parents all within a few months. Lyme had taken over my body and I have been bedridden ever since. I am sure there are many of you with the same stories or even worse.

Of course we are going to be depressed when we are basically a prisoner in our own body and trapped in our homes with no human interaction. For me, I lost pretty much all of my family, friends and co-workers who have yet to see if I am still alive. One of them told me to “get off my lazy ass and get a job”. I still have a few friends who have stuck with me and those are true friends.

I cannot drive since everyday the world seems to be spinning (dizzy) and my cognitive issues make my reaction time slow..etc. I haven’t driven a car in nearly 3 years. I haven’t really left my house in years except to see my doctor or go out to eat maybe twice a year. I cannot be in the sun. If I do go out for an hour or two a pay for it in extra severe pain for the next three days.

I am not just speaking for myself but for thousands of others just like me. We would give anything to be healthy and happy. For me I was happy and not depressed at all until I became sick and realized so many things in my life would change for the worse.You just sit every single day by yourself and can’t even enjoy TV anymore. All the fun things and hobbies you once did you can no longer do. Who wouldn’t become depressed?

Doctors who do not understand Lyme are so quick to blame depression for everything or say it is in your head. Strangers and even friends think we are just people who are really down and do not like to have fun so we are lazy and want attention. They couldn’t be more wrong.

I talk with my Lyme friend daily and we crack jokes and we talk about our futures and all of the fun things to look forward to. She is critically ill and has more than just Lyme yet she is always there for others and smiling. That is what us Lymies do, we are fighters and we can smile through all of the pain and bullshit.

Lymies have been through a lot and we fight a battle many people cannot see. We fight with insurance, doctors, politics, diseases and much more. We are some of the toughest people you will ever meet. We are Lyme soldiers currently in battle and we need support not to be made fun of, mocked or abandoned. We have enough problems so please do not add fuel to the fire by saying we are just depressed.

And One Other Thing….

Time and time again I hear of some stupid comment about a cure that “so and so did and cured their Limes disease”.  It is not Limes or Lymes disease and there is no cure! If their was a cure we would know about it before you did. Eating more fruit will not cure Lyme disease people. Yes, somebody seriously told me that one time. So stop giving your uneducated 2 cents and stop trying to sell your snake oil.



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