Recommended Book For Lyme Disease

29 May



The Lyme Diet

I highly recommend this book called The Lyme Diet. The book is a little pricey at $25 – $30 but it is packed with information. This book talks about what we should be eating while battling Lyme disease.I bought the book last year and I use it often.

This books talks about Gluten Free meals, Anti-inflammatory, Immune Support, Digestion, Hormone Balance, Detox, Alkaline Diet, fats to take with Mepron and much more. There is more to the book than just the diet.

In the later chapters there are suggestions for meals which can be helpful. Then there are chapters on recommended lab work and treatments. There is a great page on seafood and which fish have the most mercury levels. There are also pages on liver support, intestinal support, candida,  biofilm and more.

If you currently do not have an LLMD or Lyme doctor then this book may help to prepare you for treatment and suggest some things you can try now. The book is written by Nicola McFadzean, N.D. and she is a legit doctor.




You can buy The Lyme Diet from these links: ($24.95)

Amazon ($29.95) or less





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